Looking for a dashboarding software? Nah, you deserve better!

When you are looking to move as fast as your speed of thought, your tools should only help - not get in the way. ThoughtSpot’s Liveboards help you get so much more out of your data than a traditional dashboard ever could.

Your Dashboards are Dead. Bring data to life with Infinite Drilldowns

Real insights start to surface only when you’re able to peel the layers and get to the source. Static dashboards don’t let you do that. Liveboards in ThoughtSpot are infinitely drillable, which means you can go from high-level analytics to the underlying sources of truth without pre-defining drill paths. Even better, every drill down is still automagically presented with the best visualization that matches the question!

Your dashboards are just a pretty face. Let AI be your insights companion.

Your dashboarding software paints colorful pie charts and pretty KPI splines. But what you really need are quick, precise insights into the mysteries behind your data. ThoughtSpot Liveboards let you get from question to insight in seconds, by giving you the ability to search across complex schemas using natural language. Just like you’d ask a colleague!

Your dashboards break your trust. Make decisions based on Verified Liveboard.

Dashboards have a way of going stale. The only thing worse than not making decisions without data is making decisions with bad data. ThoughtSpot lets you verify that every Liveboard is certified for its data accuracy, so you can pull insights without worrying about “but is that really the truth?”.

Your dashboards do not foster sharing. Monitor, Track, and Collaborate on KPIs.

Getting from data to insights requires a team. Getting from insights to decisions requires an entire village! Traditional dashboarding software lets you “invite” your team over, but that’s like bringing an introvert to a party and not taking the time to introduce them! Liveboards in ThoughtSpot lets you share both the data and your context in it by letting you comment, note, and share specific answers with your team.

Your dashboards don’t make you look good. Bring your data story from your pocket to the boardroom.

Static dashboards are great background displays for the armchair CEO’s video calls. ThoughtSpot lets you craft impactful data stories from mobile devices to massive projector screens. With ThoughtSpot’s presenter mode, you can be sure every nuance of your narrative gets across with an interactive data story that you can design.

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