ThoughtSpot Launches India Customer Center of Excellence with Talent Acquisition from Sagas IT Analytics

India Customer Center of Excellence will serve as a strategic advisor to global customers looking to build their business on data

Bangalore, India – April 19, 2023 ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, today announced the acquisition of all employees of SagasIT Analytics, an analytics consulting services company based in Bangalore. All the talent acquired are data solutions specialists who will form the India Customer Center of Excellence (CCOE) to support ThoughtSpot’s global go to market team and will be responsible for advancing customer outcomes through implementation, adoption strategies, community response management and overall account management and customer success for global accounts. 

Helping customers go beyond tech to build data-driven organizations

It is widely known that data driven organizations hold a major competitive advantage to companies who struggle to turn data to insights to action. A Harvard Business Review study uncovered how data leaders are growing revenue faster than laggards, and found that 72% of data leaders say productivity has increased since empowering workers with data. The impetus to be a data leader is even greater in today’s economy. New Vantage Partners annual CDAO survey found 93.9% of organizations are planning to increase their investments in data in the wake of potential economic uncertainty. 

However, despite investments, most analytics projects fail to drive mass adoption and deliver business outcomes. While ThoughtSpot has made it easy for business people to engage with data, we recognize there's still work required to set up the business for realizing the full benefits of AI-powered analytics, including  attaching analytics programs to business strategy,  helping with people change management, and building data fluent cultures.  With the Customer Center of Excellence, now expanded with the India CCOE, we’re digging in even deeper with customers to help them solve their challenges, whether they are technology, data, process, people, or culture.  The SagasIT Analytics teams’ core areas of expertise spanning data visualization, data engineering, and data science, combined with their experience servicing customers such as Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, GE Healthcare, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Stanford University, and Best Western, is a natural fit to support delivering on the mission of our CCOE.

Expanding ThoughtSpot’s footprint in India

The introduction of the India CCOE is part of ThoughtSpot’s $150 million investment in India operations between 2022 and 2027, which includes 30% headcount growth in the market, and follows the opening of its third R&D center in the region in Trivandrum, launched in September 2022. ThoughtSpot’s R&D teams in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum spanning engineering and partner engineering, to design and operations have been instrumental in delivering innovation resulting in business impact for the company, which is growing at over 100% Saas ARR year on year. This investment in the India CCOE will further drive the business momentum as the regional team expands beyond R&D to more advisory roles to work closely with customers in unlocking value. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Harsha Joshi and the SagasIT Team to ThoughtSpot. We have built an innovation factory that is delivering more and more transformational technology with each release. Taking advantage of it requires having the right strategy in place, and we’re investing in being a strategic partner in helping our customers not only leverage new technologies, but turn them into business strategy and realize real business outcomes. The SagasIT Analytics team has worked with Global 2000 customers to implement data engineering, data science, and data visualization solutions. This experienced team will have an immeasurable impact on our ability to meet customers where they are to support their modern data stack journeys and strategies for building their businesses on data,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot.

“Our R&D teams in India have been critical to our continued product innovation and in helping our customers dominate the decade of data. Our new India CCOE will augment our customer experiences and bring our product teams even closer to our customers. Establishing a dedicated team of strategic advisors  in India for our global go to market will maximize our continued innovation and further advance our customer success. We’re excited to establish a new team in the region that will complement our established teams and talent in India,” said Kumar Gaurav, India country head and Vice President of Engineering, ThoughtSpot.

“ThoughtSpot is an innovative and strategic partner to customers around the world who are looking to deliver a modern data experience and unlock their data by putting it in the hands of the business user. We share a similar mission in empowering the human mind to ask questions and make data informed decisions. It was a natural fit to join the ThoughtSpot team and combine our efforts to meet our shared vision. We are thrilled to join ThoughtSpot and establish the India Customer Center of Excellence,” said Harshawardhan Joshi, Founder and CEO, SagasIT Analytics.

About ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is the AI-Powered Analytics company. Our mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest to use analytics platform. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search powered by large language models to ask and answer data questions with confidence. ThoughtSpot enables everyone within an organization to limitlessly engage with live data in any popular cloud data platform, making it easy to create and interact with granular, hyper-personalized, and actionable insights. Customers can take advantage of both ThoughtSpot’s web and mobile applications to improve decision-making for every employee, wherever and whenever decisions are made. With ThoughtSpot’s low-code developer-friendly platform, ThoughtSpot Everywhere, customers can also embed AI-Powered Analytics to their products and services, monetizing their data and engaging users to keep them coming back for more. Organizations like T-Mobile, BT, Snowflake, Exxon, Daimler, Medtronic, Hulu, Royal Bank of Canada, Nasdaq, OpenTable, Huel, and Nationwide Building Society rely on ThoughtSpot to transform how their employees and customers take advantage of data. Try ThoughtSpot today and see for yourself.

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