Make the Intelligent Enterprise dream a reality with Search &
AI-driven analytics

Search & AI-driven Analytics for

Transform timely insights to action like never before

View your data through a
unified lens

Deliver scalability, speed, and flexibility, while eliminating information silos with a single instance of data

Easily scale as your data
volumes grow

With SAP HANA, you can elastically scale compute or storage where you choose as your data volume and usage grows

Innovate with confidence
and agility

ThoughtSpot Search & AI-driven Analytics is fully certified to run direct queries on SAP HANA so everyone can easily get access to insights

Connect directly to SAP HANA to get
granular insights in the moment

Leave your data where it resides and take full advantage of SAP HANA’s
computing power with ThoughtSpot Embrace

Connect to SAP Hana

Select Tables & Columns

Start Searching

Give everyone instant insights

With ThoughtSpot for SAP HANA, everyone can
leverage powerful data, analytics, and machine
learning solutions to deliver insights quickly and
make smarter business decisions


Provide curated data models and advanced analytic content to all your business stakeholders at a fraction of the time. No question is too complex to answer.

Business Teams

Stop waiting for custom reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions from your data in SAP HANA.

Data Engineers

Analyze the data where it resides by querying it live in SAP HANA. You get the most up-to-date insights without having to move the data out of the platform.

IT Operations

Manage your analytics platform for business agility, operational efficiency, and governance control. Run highly dynamic analytic workloads at massive scale.

Search and AI-Driven Analytics for SAP HANA

Learn how to use the power of search and AI to uncover insights on SAP HANA, either on-premises or in the cloud.

ThoughtSpot Embrace for SAP HANA

ThoughtSpot Embrace brings search & AI directly to SAP HANA. Live query your SAP HANA in-memory database to get blazing fast, granular insights while leaving your data where it resides.

ThoughtSpot Named Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

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