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Answer any business question with data-backed, AI-powered insights served up in a familiar search interface your people will come back to over and over again.

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Why ThoughtSpot

  • Ask
  • Diagnose
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Search in natural language — stop waiting for answers.

Ask questions like a business leader, get insights like an analyst. Anyone can search for insights the way you’d ask your colleague a question. No technical expertise needed.

Other tools tell you what, we tell you why.

Stop settling for high-level insights and get to the root of the problem. Spot anomalies with SpotIQ’s AI-driven algorithm and quickly drill-down for granular details without the need for pre-defined drill paths.

Liveboard visualization — because static dashboards don’t cut it.

Unlike dashboards with outdated insights, Liveboards offer a live and fully interactive view of your data. Keep a pulse on your business metrics with personalized, actionable insights.

Define, package, and deploy embedded Analytics experiences – in just a few clicks.

Level up your product's stickiness and interactivity by integrating AI-powered analytics directly into it. With embedded AI-powered analytics, your product becomes smarter, more engaging, and effortlessly insightful. Say goodbye to static features and hello to dynamic, data-driven experiences.

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It's fantastic to see the evolution. My team is out of the dashboarding business. We focus on ensuring high quality data is available for users whenever they need it, but we leave the visualization and analysis to them.

Juergen Kallinger
VP, Reporting & Analytics


Users benefiting from automated insight discovery with Snowflake x ThoughtSpot


Queries generated over a six-month period


Hours turnaround time for partners to receive data back from HP

It's real time, self-service, and in the hands of every engineer. We're all looking at the data consistently through the same lens rather than manipulating it in PowerPoint or a spreadsheet.

Sunny Bedi


Proof of concept completed in half the time of a normal software evaluation process


Reduction in time to structure data


Decrease in IT backlog, increasing time spent on transformational IT initiatives

A customer wanted to identify all 2022 Mazda models whose batteries were failing as soon as they were delivered from the vehicle manufacturer. With our legacy tools, this process would have taken 5 hours, but with ThoughtSpot, we got the answers to our customer's query in just 1.5 hours.

Josh Horton
Senior Lead,
Data Strategy & Analytics


Savings on annual cost-to-serve


Reduction in time to insights


Reduction in time to structure data