Data Visualization Should Be Speedy & Intuitive

Data analytics is nothing new. In fact, it has been an integral component in the equation for a successful business decision-making process for quite some time. After all, businesses need to leverage data findings to determine future opportunities and trends.

However, that’s not to say that reporting and analytics couldn’t stand a few updates and improvements. The truth of the matter is that most organizations employ a team of data scientists to make sense of their structured data. The drawback is that the process of collaborating with data scientists can be slow and cumbersome, often requiring weeks of back-and-forth conversations.

Here at ThoughtSpot, we think data analytics and data visualization should be speedy and intuitive. That’s why we developed a reporting and analytics solution that allows any member of your staff to draw answers from your pre-existing data.

Interactive Data Visualization for Businesses Like Yours<br>So, you are probably wondering how ThoughtSpot works. Believe it or not, ThoughtSpot is extremely easy to use – so much so that you won’t need to spend a lot of time training your staff to use this business intelligence solution.

Simply start by entering your query into our Relational Search Engine, just like you would enter a question into the Google search bar. For instance, you could enter “monthly conversions by state” and ThoughtSpot will pull the answer from your data and produce an interactive data visualization in a matter of seconds.

If you change your search terms, ThoughtSpot instantly produces a new visualization. Customize these charts and graphs at any time with the click of a button. Even more helpful is the capability to embed and share live visualizations with other members of your organization or your third-party partners.

ThoughtSpot is built to handle analytics from across billions of rows of data, hundreds of tables and dozens of data sources. This makes ThoughtSpot incredibly nimble, effective and scalable to your needs, no matter what industry you operate in.

If you are ready to take the next step in data analytics, then you are ready for ThoughtSpot. Reach out to our team or visit our homepage to receive your free demo today!

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