The Difference Between Search- and AI-Driven Data Analytics

In a digital age where new, seemingly synonymous terms continuously surface, it’s helpful to take a step back and understand their differences.

In the case of big data analytics, both search-driven analytics and AI-driven analytics have gained steam recent years. But are they the same thing? If not, how do they differ?

Learn the advantages of search- and AI-driven data analytics through their different approaches below.

Search-Driven Analytics

Search-driven analytics give employees across an organization the ability to answer the questions they know to ask instead of bottlenecking analysts with another report request. Instead of waiting for thereports to be built or spending a week learning the foundations of data analytics, search-driven analytics tools shortcut the process.

ThoughtSpot's in-memory calculation engine indexes company data, allowing an org's entire data stock to be accessed with one search bar. Employees can ask ad-hoc questions and receive instant answers. Rich data schema joins disparate data sets into one engaging visualization.

AI-Driven Analytics

Search-driven analytics give anyone the ability to gain insights from data and make faster, better decisions. AI-driven analytics, on the other hand, serves employees the insights they care about, but don’t necessarily know to ask themselves, helping them find and answer unknown yet relevant questions.

SpotIQ is a perfect example, leveraging thousands of queries run on billions of data rows filtered through several insight-detection algorithms to provide detailed answers — and in the visualization that pairs best with the search terms (thanks, relational search). With AI, users get answers to questions they don’t know or think to ask, accelerating the knowledge discovery process across the workplace.

And because SpotIQ is always learning, the more a user searches, the more personalized their insights become. But don’t worry, you’re not giving up the keys to the car; SpotIQ is transparent—listing a) What question was asked, b) Which algorithm was used and c) Why each insight was selected.

Get answers to the questions you need to know, and come across countless others you hadn’t thought to ask. That’s the beauty of SpotIQ and AI-powered search analytics.

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