Stop Gambling With Your BI

Today, the rates of BI adoption are worse than the odds of winning in Vegas. Ouch. Why is that?

Business Intelligence solutions were designed to give end users easy access to data from which they can draw insights to make smarter business decisions. Each tool is bought with the promise that it will “make analysis easy for everyone.” That all sounds pretty good, but the adoption stats tell a different story.

Every year companies spend 14.4 billion dollars on BI software and then another 54.5 billion on BI services, but according to TDWI, BI software adoption falls between 18 and 24%. Those are terrible odds no matter how you look at it.

To put that number into perspective, consider the fact that the odds of winning in Las Vegas are not nearly as bad

  • Roulette: 47% chance of winning

  • Slots: 45% chance of winning

  • Blackjack: 49% chance of winning

  • Craps: 49% chance of winning

Of course, if you’re wise, you understand before going into the casinos that you aren’t likely to win. You expect the House to have an edge at the slot machines. You know that Vegas scores big each year based on these odds.

But are you willing to give your Business Intelligence solution those odds? Here at ThoughtSpot, we think you deserve better. BI vendors should make could on their promises and give everyone precise answers. Let’s leave the gambling to the tables in Vegas.

We live in a world where finding answers to consumer questions is as easy as typing a few keystrokes in a Google search bar. We think it should be the same at work.

Imagine if any employee, regardless of department or numerical expertise, could make fast, data-driven decisions. After all, these are the people who know your business best and they want to be able to get answers the moment a question arises without having to ask someone for help.

If you’re spending the money, you should choose a vendor that maximizes your chances of winning. It’s time to stop gambling with your BI and bet on ThoughtSpot.

Our team of engineers from Google, Facebook, and Amazon have built a relational search appliance that’s simple for anyone to use, built to scale across all enterprise BI data, and can be up and running in a matter of hours.

We’ll be at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend. If you’re around, come say hi. We’ll be giving demos of ThoughtSpot and our relational search engine on Tuesday, January 27.