In the spotlight with Adil Kamalsha, ThoughtSpot’s Selfless Excellence champion

This is part of our ongoing spotlight series which highlights ThougthSpot’s quarterly Selfless Excellence champion.

At ThoughtSpot, Selfless Excellence is the heart of who we are as a company. It creates room for personal success – but never at the cost of others on the team. Simply put, this means we consider our teammates, customers, and society at large ahead of our own personal wins, and without the distraction of office politics. 

Each quarter, we recognize an employee who embodies the values of Selfless Excellence: hardwork and integrity; solving meaningful problems; and caring about colleagues, partners, and customers. A panel of peer judges from across the company evaluates the nominations and selects the winner. 

This quarter, our winner is Adil Kamalsha, Senior IT Engineer at ThoughtSpot. Read all about what this win means to him. 

Adil Kamalsha Senior IT Engineer

Congratulations! How does it feel to be named the Selfless Excellence champion?

From being the first IT person in Bangalore, to being the first IT person in the London office–it has truly been an incredible, dream-come-true journey.

To me, selfless excellence means fully committing myself to the team's and company's success without wanting praise. Winning this award makes me feel humble. It reminds me to keep helping ThoughtSpot in meaningful ways. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I would especially like to thank Daniel, John, and my team for their constant support and belief in me throughout this journey. I’m honored to be named the Selfless Excellence champion. I look forward to keeping up my contributions to our shared success.

Tell us a bit about your journey at ThoughtSpot. How long have you been with ThoughtSpot and what drew you to the company in the first place? 

I've been an IT engineer at ThoughtSpot for the past five years. I was initially drawn to the company by its innovative approach to data analytics and the exciting opportunities it offered for professional growth. Over the years, I've enjoyed contributing to cutting-edge projects and being part of a dynamic team that values creativity and excellence in the tech field.

How has Selfless Excellence played a key role in helping you succeed at ThoughtSpot?

I have succeeded at ThoughtSpot by putting the team's needs before my own. Focusing on shared goals instead of personal accomplishments has helped me create a cooperative and encouraging workplace. This team-first mindset has improved how we work together and achieve better results on projects, benefiting the company overall.

How can we nurture a consistent culture of Selfless Excellence with our colleagues, partners, customers, and community?

ThoughtSpot already has a very strong culture, which we should preserve, uphold, and promote. I think it's important for us to recognize and celebrate any acts of kindness, integrity, and selflessness that occur both inside and outside of ThoughtSpot. 

Do you have any advice for fellow Spotters on how to become a Selfless Excellence champion?

A piece of advice which I would like to share with everyone is to be a role model for others by continually displaying selfless behavior. Demonstrate through your actions that you value the success and well-being of your colleagues and the organization as a whole. And last but not the least, never, ever give up on your dream.

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