Our product vision for analytics in the age of AI

Every winter, members of ThoughtSpot’s research and development teams participate in a company-wide hackathon called Codex. The ideas that come out of Codex are always inspiring, but the Winter 22/23 hackathon was special—OpenAI had just released ChatGPT and the world was buzzing about generative AI. We knew then that this would be the beginning of a new era of analytics, for ThoughtSpot and the broader industry, but none of us could have predicted the rapid evolution of analytics and BI in the months that followed.

Since GPT’s release, LLMs have made it easier to translate natural language into SQL and other forms of code. As a result, end users expect faster response times and easier access to meaningful insights. While legacy dashboard companies are just catching on, this outcome-oriented approach is something ThoughtSpot has been pioneering for more than a decade with relational search. 

We continue to lead from the front today, with advanced generative AI and ML capabilities infused at all layers of our platform, including ThoughtSpot Everywhere and Mode. In the paragraphs below, I’ll focus on our AI strategy for our core internal analytics product, ThoughtSpot Analytics, including advancements in search, SpotIQ, and mobile, with security as a core element across all three.

Best-in-class search gets even better with conversational BI

In the many conversations we’ve had with our customers since launching ThoughtSpot Sage early last year, we’ve heard that you value flexibility, accuracy, and security as you implement generative AI solutions across your business. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing conversational BI to ThoughtSpot Sage, allowing you to drill deeper into AI-generated answers and uncover increasingly specific insights.


We’ll also be rolling out the BI industry’s most advanced human-in-the-loop feedback (HITL) capabilities that center human knowledge, business context, and security to build trust and accuracy across your organization. With our patent-pending HITL approach, users can give detailed word- and phrase-specific feedback utilizing ThoughtSpot’s relational search tokens. Data admins can further curate this feedback into a business-specific glossary, evolving into stewards of organizational intelligence.

Transparent and secure AI foundation

SpotIQ gets a productivity boost

Along with enhancements to ThoughtSpot Sage, powered by Generative AI, we’re also heavily investing in ThoughtSpot’s AI and machine learning engine, SpotIQ. SpotIQ has long been a core part of our platform, automatically uncovering outliers, key trends, and causal relationships across complex data sets. This year we are committing to further advancements in SpotIQ capabilities, still focused on delivering our users the most meaningful insights. 

In addition to adding what-if and what-next capabilities, you can expect root cause analysis that identifies top change contributors for tracked metrics. Customers will be able to rely on SpotIQ to track KPI changes and push AI-generated alerts to mobile or summarized on Liveboards.


Insights that go wherever you go

Ask any forward-thinking data leader where the future of analytics lives and they’ll tell you the same answer: mobile. People want to stay connected with insights in the palm of their hand, whether catching the train or catching up between meetings. 

For this reason, we’ve heavily invested in our mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android to deliver on our longstanding commitment to making analytics as easy as using your favorite app. We’ve revamped the UI, improved the login experience, and added support for multiple new languages. 

We’ve also added Monitor capabilities for mobile, letting you add your favorite metrics on a personalized Watchlist and receive automatic alerts and AI-generated change explanations when they meaningfully move.

Mobile monitor

We’re also bringing ThoughtSpot Sage to our mobile app, with a natural language search experience that lets you ask and answer data questions on the fly.

Security you can count on

Of course, none of this would be possible—or meaningful—if it wasn’t backed by a promise to keep you in control of your own data and AI models. Not only does ThoughtSpot not store your sample data or metadata, or use this information for model training, but we are also investing in bring-your-own and host-your-own model capabilities for both generative AI and machine learning models.

We’re putting Gen AI to work for your business

As ThoughtSpot’s Chief Development Officer, Sumeet Arora said, it’s an exciting time to be in the world of data and business intelligence. And it’s only getting more exciting from here. We can’t wait for even more customers to put our platform to the test, solving the world’s most interesting challenges and reshaping the future of your fields with data-backed, AI-powered insights delivered at the speed of thought. 

If you’re ready to spark your own Data Renaissance with ThoughtSpot, I invite you to request a demo. You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar on February 29 to see how customers like MDAudit are leveraging AI-Powered Analytics to scale their impact.