ThoughtSpot’s new In-App Support empowers data confidence for all users

In the past, it was commonly believed that only administrators or designated support contacts benefited from live product support. But that shortsighted view fails to acknowledge the reality that every user—be you an occasional business user, tenured analyst, or in-the-weeds IT administrator—can encounter roadblocks and require assistance. That's why our new In-App Support is available to all users worldwide, regardless of their role. 

The mission behind In-App Support

ThoughtSpot’s entire mission is centered around creating the most intuitive experience for anyone at your organization to ask and answer questions with data. That said, we understand how frustrating it is to get stuck in the middle of finding an answer, solving a problem, or building an important report. This is the main reason we decided to invest in In-App Support.

The goal is simple: we want every user to feel confident and successful using ThoughtSpot. Whether you’re seeking guidance on creating formulas, interpreting line charts, or modeling worksheets—we're here to help you in your business analytics journey.

To do this, we partnered with Intercom, whose intuitive UX and user-friendly setup allowed us to efficiently customize different user workflows with tailored support and targeted messaging. We’ve built their technology into our product to deliver a stellar In-App Support experience to our users.

How to access In-App Support

Our comprehensive In-App Support feature includes both live-chat support and extensive self-service resources. Whenever you have a question, our dedicated product experts are standing by to help.

To get started, simply click the blue messenger icon on the bottom right of your ThoughtSpot page, and send us a message! From there, you can search our knowledge base if you prefer to work solo. 


We also take a proactive approach, reaching out to you if we sense you might need help. Our product experts aim to strike the perfect balance of communication, providing the right level of support without being overbearing. While we can't see your data or your data model, we can guide you on how to extract the maximum value from your business data using ThoughtSpot. 

The entire mission behind providing this support is taking the burden off of you—the everyday user. However, we do make self-service resources available through our thorough Docs, Community, and eLearning resources for those who prefer to work solo.

Customer response to In-App Support

Since making this feature available a few months ago, we’ve already started receiving some incredible responses from our ThoughtSpot community. 96.7% of the responses we’ve received up to this point have been positive—here are just a few of the thing our customers are sharing:

Customer reviews of ThoughtSpot in-app support feature

At ThoughtSpot, we believe in empowering every user with the tools they need to succeed. Our In-App Support is just one way we're championing your success. If you haven’t tried out ThoughtSpot yet, start a 30-day free trial today and see first hand how our in-app support helps you make the most of your business data.

Huge thank you to our amazing in-app support team: Denise Lee, Raven Hatcher, Elizabeth Igbe, Gnana Vigneshwar, Vaibhav Srivastava, Ayushi Kothari, Mahi Chaudhary, Mohammed Shaikh, Pooja S, and Yash Sherry. This project is been made successful by cross-collaboration with our leaders Manish Agarwal, Harsha Joshi, and Kendrick Heath.