Marketing Made "Google Easy" Bi for marketing ops | ThoughtSpot

In this blog post, Megan Tsuei, Director of Marketing for Andersen Tax, offers a firsthand account of the ways in which relational search can transform business development and marketing operations across an international company.

As the Director of Marketing for Andersen Tax, I experienced first-hand the challenges around managing the business intelligence needs for a large professional services firm. With a unique business development model we needed a unique solution. ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search Appliance presented an ideal solution for integrating our various data sources in a user-friendly, efficient and accessible platform.

When Andersen Tax (f/k/a WTAS LLC) was founded in 2002, we had 6 locations and 21 Managing Directors. By 2012 we had quadrupled by nearly every measure, and the business development data managed by the marketing group reflected this tremendous growth. We evaluated a number of BI solutions, but found many to be cumbersome, time-consuming, or lacking an intuitive user interface (often, all of the above).

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to ThoughtSpot and immediately recognized the benefits of the tool. Once we began using the company’s Relational Search Appliance, we gained:

  1. Clean, instant results: With the Google-like search feature, we’re able to query relevant enterprise data, receive quick results and, as a result, get more out of our business data immediately and over time. 

  2. Improved accessibility: The fact that ThoughtSpot’s product can be easily understood and used by members of our non-technical staff was very important. The ThoughtSpot Relational Search appliance empowers all teams to extract real meaning from data and adjust business decisions accordingly. 

  3. Seamless scalability and integration: Not only have we seen a need to scale in response to business growth, but we’ve also had to accommodate team growth. Our marketing group is now coordinating activities between 26 locations across the globe through our international organization and we expect to expand rapidly in the coming years. As our team and client rosters grow, so does the importance of an easily scalable solution to address our data organization needs. ThoughtSpot is making our international growth manageable by enabling complex data integration across our network. 

Overall, ThoughSpot has proven to be a terrific BI tool for our marketing group, and I believe it can be useful in many other areas of our business as well. In addition, the team at ThoughtSpot is incredibly responsive both in terms of support and in terms of using customer feedback to improve the tool. We’ve truly benefited from our adoption of ThoughtSpot to address our BI needs.