How Universities Are Adopting Analytics to Boost Student Enrollment

Whether you’re a parent, a student, or a lifelong learner, it’s an exciting time to immerse yourself in higher education. We’ve seen an explosion of new technology making education more accessible and personalized for anyone, anywhere - from the rise of online ed giants like Khan Academy and Coursera to robots and wearables being used as in-classroom interactive tool. The adoption of these technologies means that students are sharing more data about themselves than ever before, creating new opportunities for improved learning.

But the challenge for schools is making sense of all this new information. While schools may embrace a more digital future, adoption of analytics technologies remains low. Compared to the industry average of 22%, adoption of business intelligence solutions remains stuck at 3-5% across higher education institutions.

Enter Collegis Education. Think of them as the team behind the team running successful colleges across the U.S. The company was founded to help schools understand and leverage their data so that they can better attract, engage, and retain students. 

To help schools analyze and take action from their data, Collegis Education offers enrollment management services, retention analytics, and “design-to-delivery course services,” including design, production, development, support, and optimization across the entire life of a course.

But in order to do this, Collegis Education needed a solution that would allow anyone at the company to get quick insights from various sources of student data (website analytics, learning management systems, marketing campaigns, CRM, and student information systems). With only a few technical analysts on staff and complex legacy business intelligence technology too time-consuming for others to learn, it was taking the team weeks to get insights out of their existing data. 

I can’t invest in a tool that’s going to take 5 times as much time to train everyone to use. That’s not scalable. 

 - Dan Antonsen, Marketing Technology Manager, Collegis Education

Collegis turned to ThoughtSpot to give non-technical business people in marketing, admissions and development the ability to assess admissions and enrollment marketing campaign performance on-the-fly. Schools can now ask questions to analyze their data from every student touch point, getting instant answers across: 

  1. Speed to Lead Rate: How quickly is a college reaching out to a potential student?

  2. Inquiry to App Rate: How many inquiries are coming in and how many of those turn into applications?

  3. App to Start Rate: How many applications turn into school starts?

  4. Retention Rate: How well are we keeping students in school?

  5. Inquiry Map by Zip Code: Where are our applicants coming from?

Meanwhile, their account managers also are using ThoughtSpot to identify new opportunities for schools at all stages of the student lifecycle - including enrollment (marketing efficacy, enrollment management), student outcomes (online course engagement, credit load) and risk analysis (attendance, grades). ThoughtSpot’s technology allows Collegis Education to cut implementation and data prep work by 90 percent. Account managers and marketing analysts can now simply search to analyze educational programs and marketing campaigns across student outcomes (graduation, courses taken, etc.), success measurements (employment, salary, etc.), and risk analysis (attendance, grades, etc.).  As a result, Collegis can get critical insights to their clients 100x faster. 

It’s amazing to me how people survived so long without a system like this. We’re only now able to get a pulse on a school because there was never a better way for us to do it.

 - Dan Antonsen

Before ThoughtSpot, there was no single tool for schools and administrators to ask highly-specific questions of their data, on-the-fly, across all of their data sources. ThoughtSpot has helped Collegis Education unlock this data for everyone. Helping these colleges quickly understand their students and their institutions is going to be a game-changer for the industry. 

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