How to get started with ThoughtSpot for Marketing

The job of a modern marketer never stops. In today’s always-on, digital world you can spend forever tinkering with taglines and targeting and still never get to the bottom of why some campaigns perform while others don’t. Is your messaging personalized enough? Are you utilizing the right channels? Are you allocating your budget correctly? To dig into these insights you need data. But with so much of your data locked up in marketing tools like Marketo and Hubspot, it can be difficult to drill down and explore these marketing trends in any meaningful way. 

ThoughtSpot for Marketing is the fastest, easiest way to make marketing analytics data accessible to even your most non-technical marketers. With a Live Analytics experience powered by consumer-grade search and AI, you can move beyond “what” happened into the “how” and the “why” to deliver remarkable marketing across every touchpoint. Read on for the four most powerful ways to get started.

Track every marketing dollar with precision

Today, most digital marketers rely on analytics tools provided by platforms like Google or Adobe to check out web traffic, ad performance, and other key metrics. You scour this data looking for hints at how to make incremental spending improvements, but the truth is canned reports rarely offer the high-definition details you need. 

Top performing campaigns this week vs last week.


Instead of clicking through tab after tab of generic, surface-level data, ThoughtSpot allows you to instantly uncover granular insights into your spend performance simply by asking, “What are my best performing campaigns?” From there you can infinitely drill down to row-level, dollar-for-dollar demand data — all within the context of your entire marketing and sales pipeline. 

Personalize customer experience at scale

Customer expectations for delightfully personalized marketing experiences have never been higher. In fact, companies that lead in customer experience consistently outperform peers by nearly 80%. Yet drawing insights from notoriously cryptic Adobe Experience Platform data is cumbersome. It’s an endless patchwork of “var” this and “evar” that, which frankly neither you nor your customers should have patience for. 

Cancelled subscriptions by monthy date and customer age group.


With ThoughtSpot, anyone on the marketing team can start analyzing and exploring customer experience data in minutes. This speed to value allows you to quickly identify and adapt to real-time customer journey trends and market changes so you can deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time without breaking a sweat.

Keep your most loyal customers coming back for more

In addition to continuously seeking out new prospects and potential customers, it’s crucial for marketers to understand what’s working (or not) for existing customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. While dashboards may provide a static snapshot of customer sentiment and behavior, the pre-defined drill paths make it impossible to keep up with and take action on changes as they occur.

NPS promoters and detractions on a weekly basis.


On the other hand, ThoughtSpot provides a 360° view of customer retention data, sales trends, and more that makes it easy to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn. Whether you want to search your Hubspot data for customer engagement insights or drill into web traffic trends to uncover win-back opportunities, you have all the tools you need to conduct a customer churn analysis, improve customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth right at your fingertips.

Accelerate customer acquisition and conversion 

Strategic marketers know how important product experiences and product data are to converting prospects, retaining users, and expanding customer bases. This requires a high degree of cross-functional collaboration between product, sales, and marketing teams. But it can be challenging to glean valuable insights from siloed tools and disparate data sources. 

Weekly free trial registrations and activations.


ThoughtSpot brings together all of your product, sales, and marketing analytics data into a single, actionable source of truth, so you can acquire and convert active users more efficiently. It’s insights-fueled product-led growth at its finest, and it’s all just a search away. 

Your next great campaign is an insight away

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