Google Cloud names ThoughtSpot a Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery company to help customers dominate the decade of data

We’re entering the defining decade of data. While every aspect of our lives have been changed by data in recent years, the next ten will see data rebuild the world around us. Every business, in every industry, needs a plan to adapt to this new world if they want to thrive. 

But how? 

That’s a question in the minds of data leaders, CEOs, and board members. The right approach is critical if companies want to dominate this new era. The wrong decision can spell disaster. 

For customers, the choice is clear — and choice is the operative word. You don’t want - or need - a world where data lives entirely in one cloud, but rather, one where the right cloud data platform and the right analytics platform come together to support the right use case. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that ThoughtSpot has become one of the first analytics platforms designated as Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery. The program, a first of its kind, was announced earlier today, and recognizes partner products and services that demonstrate exceptional value for customers. After participating in the private phase of the program, we’re delighted to see this validation of the value our joint solutions bring to customers looking to get the most from their cloud data.

Taking your Google BigQuery data to the next level with ThoughtSpot

It’s all part of our growing relationship with Google Cloud and support for BigQuery, and their data modeling offerings from Looker. With ThoughtSpot and BigQuery, you have access to the fastest data search for all your cloud data, meaning you can find rich, meaningful insights, and use those insights to drive actions. This also means all the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning that makes the BigQuery ecosystem so powerful can be put in the hands of your business users through a simple search. 

Wherever you go and build, we, too, go and build. It’s all about empowering you to make the most of your data, wherever it lives and whenever you need it. One way we’re making that power more ubiquitous than ever: data apps. Customers are building entirely new apps, products, and services that leverage data in Google BigQuery. With ThoughtSpot Everywhere, our development platform, you can incorporate Live Analytics directly into your products and deliver an interactive experience. The result? Better engagement, happier users, and increased usage. 

“Businesses are looking for faster, intuitive ways to tap into the power of their data,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Recognizing ThoughtSpot as Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery is an acknowledgement that integrations between its business intelligence platform and BigQuery will deliver value and an exceptional experience for customers - ultimately helping customers get better insights from their data more quickly.”

Tangible transformations customers are already experiencing

It’s the kind of transformational value leaders at companies like CNA, PayPal, Kahoot!, and The Mayo Clinic are already tapping into. For example, Greg Capodagli, Senior Marketing Manager at Fisher-Price has been able to increase access to the company’s data, and in doing so, deliver massive value across Fisher-Price’s business. 

“What used to take a data professional 15 to 20 minutes can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot running on Google Cloud,” said Greg Capodagli, Senior Marketing Manager, Fisher-Price. 

And we’re just getting started. We’re continuing to look for new ways to bring even more value to our joint customers, whether that’s deep query integration or integrating with Google Analytics hub to get the most from third party data. 


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