Big Data on Tap: Teradata Access for All with ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is thrilled to announce a partnership with Teradata.

Imagine that you’re the VP of Trading at a large financial institution. The Greek crisis is imploding in front of your eyes, and you want to check on your exposure. In the world of traditional BI, this would launch a multi-month quest for answers - you’d have to gather your requirements, send them to the BI team, wait for your report, make sure the right data made it in there, and then make your decisions. Most tools are incredibly hard to use without training - they require a lot of handholding from BI and IT teams for business users to succeed at using them.

This is the big problem with big data that no one’s really talking about: small adoption. It takes an army of data scientists and analysts to curate this data into reports that business users can then only consume or “drill down” on. If they want a different set of views, they file new requests and wait for reports - then rinse and repeat.

For the enterprise, the big data storage problem has been solved by companies like Teradata that offer a unified architecture able to store pretty much any kind of data. In the effort to unlock the value of all this enterprise data and open it up to the masses, we’re excited today to announce our partnership with Teradata. Now any business leader can get instant insights from their Teradata warehouse without having to rely on a data analyst. ThoughtSpot and Teradata are working together to deliver search-driven analytics at enterprise scale to some of the world’s most successful companies in industries like Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Business leaders can search and analyze their data through an easy-to-use search interface that packs a lot of sophistication under the hood. With ThoughtSpot, there’s no need for armies of trained data analyst with SQL expertise. Business leaders can do their own analyses, which takes the pressure of repeated report and dashboard creation away from technical teams, and frees them to focus on data quality, data management, and data governance.

You can connect ThoughtSpot to Teradata using industry-standard JDBC and ODBC connectors, and ETL vendors such as Informatica, SSIS, or Talend. Business users can also upload spreadsheets directly into ThoughtSpot to analyze against any other data, driven by a lightning -fast in-memory compute engine that can scale to terabytes of data and still return results within seconds.

What does this mean for Teradata customers? Now, by simply connecting your warehouse to ThoughtSpot, your business users can instantly get access to all enterprise data stored in the warehouse. No need to build OLAP cubes, make separate requests to analyze at different time grains, or wait in line to look at different drill paths. Just type your question into the search bar in ThoughtSpot and get an instant answer calculated across hundreds of terabytes of data.

These are exciting times in the world of business intelligence and analytics. We’re seeing an increased demand from customers for search-driven analytics, and we’re excited to be leading that charge towards easy access to data for all users - just like Google, Amazon and Facebook brought to our personal lives. Our mission is to reach 20 million business users by 2020, and this is a big step in that direction.

Oh, and that VP of Trading at the financial institution? He called us a few months back to thank us personally. We cut down the time to identify his exposure to Greece from two months to one minute. He was able to search and get the answer himself using ThoughtSpot for financial analytics.