15 Game-Changing BI Stats search analytics for 2015 | ThoughtSpot [PER JON 10/18/2022]

We may be approaching the end of January, but it’s not too late to refresh your Business Intelligence resolutions for the new year. Here are a few stats that might help you to kickstart plans to boost your BI agility in 2015. 

BI is a huge, rapidly growing industry.


  Dollars spent on BI software each year. (Gartner)

  Dollars spent on BI services each year. (Pringle & Company)

  Expected annual dollar spend on BI services by 2016. (Pringle & Company)

  Expected value of the BI & Analytics BI industry as a whole. (Pringle & Company)

  Percentage annual growth rate of the BI industry as a whole. (Pringle & Company)

  Percentage annual growth rate of the Analytics market. (Pringle & Company)

  Percentage of BI leaders who say that reporting continues to be the strongest driver of innovation for their firm. (Forrester)

  How much more likely a company that uses analytics well is expected to make decisions faster than the competition. (Bain & Company)

 Despite billions spent, BI adoption is still terrible. 


  Average adoption rate of BI products. the 18-24% range remains unchanged since 2005. (BI Scorecard)

  Percentage of BI vendors that were 'moved to the left' in terms of Completeness of Vision in Gartner's Magic Quadrant this year. Talk about a slap in the face!

  Percentage of self-service BI projects projected to fail due to inconsistencies. (Gartner)

  Average number of days it takes to get reports built with traditional BI tools (range: 4.3-7.9). (Aberdeen Group)

  Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who struggle to ask a question that they don't know how to formulate. (Forrester)

  Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who report time concerns with creating/updating dashboards. (Forrester)

  Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who have difficulty getting answers from their dashboard metrics. (Forrester)

Some of those adoption stats aren’t so fun to read. We know.

Sadly, getting a report on the same day you ask for it is almost impossible with most of the BI tools on the market. It’s no wonder no one is using them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We agree with Gartner: any tool designed for enterprise-scale analytics shouldn’t compromise end user experience in the process. What if you could simply ask questions of your data with an easy Google-like interface?

That’s the beauty of ThoughtSpot. We’re using the power and simplicity of search to change the way you get answers out of your data. Our plug-and-play Relational Search appliance is easy to deploy, scales across all of your data sources, and is intuitive for anyone to use. Try something new this year. Take a look a closer look at search-based BI.