Alteryx & ThoughtSpot
Alteryx & ThoughtSpot

Self-Service Data Analytics,
Instant Answers with Search & AI

Make any data source search-ready for self-service analytics

Why ThoughtSpot and Alteryx?

Make all of your data search-ready

Alteryx’s data connectors expand the reach of search & AI-driven analytics.

Model and prep complex data at a fraction of the time

Deliver repeatable workflows for self-service analytics of large, complex data.

Unleash your full analytics potential to drive faster business outcomes

Boost productivity to improve business agility and speed to insights.

ThoughtSpot Bulk-Loader Connector

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Become the Analyst of the Future

Learn how analysts are poised for career growth, their increasingly strategic roles, and the growing importance of self-service enablement
Yasmine Ndassa
Sr. Dir. Compensation Strategy & Insights
Steve Wooledge
Vice President, Customer & Partner Initiative
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Why ThoughtSpot?

Now anyone can find insights hidden in their company data in seconds. Use search to analyze your data and get automated insights when you need them.




True self-service
for everyone


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AI-driven insights
so you know sooner


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Deploy as SaaS or software
in your virtual private cloud

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