Unmasking Value with Telecom KPI Analysis

Telecommunications is a competitive industry, period. Companies are in constant competition to earn—and increase—their “piece of the pie,” or market share. The only way to do so is to gauge performance, which requires a set of metrics by which to measure your success or lack thereof.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the metrics by which organizations assess performance. In other words, KPIs divulge how well businesses, departments, teams, campaigns, and the ilk are meeting strategic goals.

The ability to conduct a telecom KPI analysis enables decision-makers to monitor these vital metrics so they can make informed decisions meant to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Examples of Telecom KPIs

The best decisions have a basis in data. This requires a two-fold approach: Establish meaningful KPIs and deploy business intelligence for communications that allows employees to instantly access them.

Here are a few examples of relevant telecom KPIs, though the exact metrics you choose will always depend on your goals and objectives:

  • Subscriber acquisition cost: How much it costs to acquire a new subscriber or customer.

  • Customer churn rate: The percentage of subscribers who discontinue their relationship with your company.

  • Average Return Per User (ARPU): How much money a telecom company makes per customer.

  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): The amount of time it takes to restore a failed component, like a network outage.

Using search-driven analytics from ThoughtSpot, telecom employees can query data and receive an answer in seconds. There’s no need to wait for a data or IT team to create a special report, meaning business users can now access KPIs and make subsequent decisions when it counts.

How ThoughtSpot Helps One Major Telecom Company

One Fortune 500 telecom company is anticipating a 17 percent reduction in customer churn thanks to customer and marketing analytics from ThoughtSpot. More specifically, the Chief Marketing Officer and brand managers benefit from using search-driven analytics to monitor weekly churn and campaign performance.

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