ThoughtSpot stands with Ukraine

Anatolii Litvinov is eighty-three years old. He lives with his wife, Tania, in a small one-bedroom apartment near downtown Kyiv. 

As of Monday, March 7, Anatolii sent an update to his granddaughter and her husband, who is an employee at ThoughtSpot. They lost power and heat for 24 hours last week. It wasn’t until Friday that he was able to leave the apartment to go to the grocery store. It took waiting for more than four hours to get his medication.  

And that doesn’t do justice to the situation. This video, captured outside their apartment, gets closer. 

Regardless of your background, your connection to the crisis, it’s clear how wrong, how destructive this is. And this is just one household’s story. 

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine have been displaced from their homes. They’re hiding underground in train stations and fleeing the country with children in tow, watching as their communities get destroyed by a senseless war. 

It is devastating. 

The people of Ukraine did not ask for this. Neighboring countries, fearful the same could happen to them even as they welcome refugees, did not ask for this. What they have asked for is support. In times like these, it’s more important than ever that we come together to uphold the values that matter to us as a global community. ThoughtSpot stands in solidarity with Ukraine, its people, and all those affected by what is happening. 

With all this, I want to share the actions ThoughtSpot is taking:

  1. The actions of Russia are an attack on democracy and humanity and must be condemned. We will no longer sell our products to companies in Russia and have ceased initial conversations with potential prospects and partners in the region. 

  2. We are doubling the match of employee donations to Ukrainian humanitarian efforts underway. Every Spotter receives two days of volunteer time off, which can help support relief efforts.

As the devastation grows, we must come together to support the people of Ukraine who are holding arms and those leaving their lives behind to seek safety, along with the communities in Eastern Europe and beyond taking in refugees, providing shelter, supplies, warmth, and kindness. 

We must stand together as a global community alongside the people of Ukraine, as we all hope for a swift and peaceful resolution.

If you’re interested in donating, consider these charities: