In the spotlight with Udit Samani, ThoughtSpot’s selfless excellence champion

/This is part of our ongoing “In the Spotlight” series, in which we interview our quarterly selfless excellence champion.

Our Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Ajeet Singh once said the following in an interview:

“We strive for excellence in everything we do, not for personal gain or glory, but because we want to win as a team. It's a culture we live every single day in the company, from the way I run my executive meetings down to how we address technical product issues. That said, I am not and should not be the only enabler of selfless excellence at ThoughtSpot. Everyone is expected to do what they can to fix problems, capitalize on new opportunities, and drive the business forward because they want ThoughtSpot to succeed, and not because they want individual recognition.” 

That’s what culture at ThoughtSpot is all about. We want to win - not just for ourselves, but for our coworkers, partners, and most importantly, our customers. And we recognize those that truly walk the walk as our quarterly selfless excellence champion. 

Each quarter, any ThoughtSpotter can nominate an employee who embodies the values of selfless excellence: hardwork and integrity; solving meaningful problems; and caring about colleagues and customers. A panel of peer judges from across the company evaluates the nomination and selects the winner. 

This quarter, Udit Samani, MTS - Software Engineer at ThoughtSpot won. Here’s what it means to him to be named the selfless excellence champion. 

Congratulations! How does it feel to be named the selfless excellence Champion?

It really feels amazing to have won this award. The best part about it is that I never even expected that I would be considered for this award. I focused on the work, and played my part to help me and the company grow. It feels great to be noticed and appreciated for the work I’m doing to make ThoughtSpot and our customers succeed.

How long have you been with ThoughtSpot? Tell us a bit about your journey here and what drew you to the company in the first place.

I am about to complete my first year at ThoughtSpot. The journey at ThoughtSpot has been full of surprises. Every single day I am challenged to make something innovative. I’m able to tackle so many projects in so many areas that I feel like my growth is happening twice as fast as it would somewhere else. 

The heart of any company is its people, and the people at ThoughtSpot are like family to me. The culture of selfless excellence helps you grow positively, and it’s what attracted me towards ThoughtSpot.

What does selfless excellence mean to you?

To me, selfless excellence is when someone goes out of their way to help you without an expectation of anything in return. In this chaotic world we need someone to look out for us from time to time. We can bring joy to our partners, colleagues, and clients by even a single selfless act. Seeing that joy in others from the work you do is what Selfless Excellence means to me.

How has selfless excellence played a key role in helping you succeed at ThoughtSpot?

I believe that when you want to learn, grow, or even pick up a new habit, you need strong positive reinforcement. Selfless excellence is nothing but that positive reinforcement. It’s a culture that helps me thrive, while striving for perfection through patience and mindfulness in whatever I do. With how much uncertainty there is today, it’s also made me sure my company is looking out for me.

How can we nurture a consistent culture of selfless excellence with our colleagues, partners, customers, and community? 

A people-first attitude nurtures a consistent culture of selfless excellence. By putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understanding what they are going through, all while trying to achieve the best, we can make selfless excellence become second nature.

Do you have any advice for fellow Spotters on what it takes to be a selfless excellence Champion?

The only advice I would give is that just keep working hard. Hard work always pays off - especially when you are surrounded by a bunch of awesome people!