Experience the new ThoughtSpot Community & Support Portal

From its inception four years ago, the online ThoughtSpot Community has been the place to find answers, share solutions, and go more in-depth on the latest product and company news. While the community has been a helpful resource to our global user community, we know there’s more we could do. 

You’ve shared feedback on what could work better, where you need more information, and what we could do to help you get more from the community. That’s why, over the past few months, a team across multiple departments has been diligently working together over the past months to build a more enriching experience for our global user community.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new online ThoughtSpot Community and Support Portal.

This upgrade brings the right technologies and capabilities to better support our customers, partners, and internal teams for international growth by meaningfully stitching together significant resources and relevant assets under one unified platform.

This new community will make it easier for users to learn, communicate, and grow in their knowledge of ThoughtSpot, all while they stay connected with other ThoughtSpot enthusiasts.

The ThoughtSpot Community mission is to aid in the pursuit of a fact-driven world by helping users connect with like-minded individuals, engage with meaningful content, exchange best practices, and collaborate with our internal ThoughtSpot teams.

This single, unified platform, will streamline the experience to offer a seamless digital interface for:

  • Engaging in peer-to-peer product support. With our categorized Product Forums, you can easily ask questions, find answers and related knowledge articles, share your expertise, and collaborate with peers.

  • Accessing knowledge articles. Our team has converted over the most frequently asked community questions into knowledge articles with validated solutions to guide you through steps to solve issues across a variety of topics.

  • Submitting and tracking support cases. With our new community-integrated Support Portal, support-enabled customers will be able to submit, view, and track support cases.

  • Interacting with other users and internal teams. Users worldwide can connect and engage with other ThoughtSpot enthusiasts through our designated discussion space for the various Community Programs we support.


Former ThoughtSpot Community<br>

The Process

As we set out to reimage our community and support experience, it was imperative that we first took a pulse from our global user and partner community. In the beginning, we conducted multiple interviews, surveys, and asked for ideas that would help enrich our community’s overall ThoughtSpot experience.

Next, we identified the critical areas for improvement and consolidated the top requirements our community wanted to see. This included:

  • Categorized Product Forums that includes tags to make the content searchable

  • Knowledge Articles to provide validated solutions and content that solves the most frequently asked community questions and common issues

  • Discussion Space that encourages online networking and collaboration

  • An integrated Support Portal to provide a seamless self-service support experience

  • Fun new gamification elements to motivate, reward, and highlight top contributors

  • Consistent design and navigation along with a powerful search engine

Once we gathered the essential requirements for our community, it was then time to evaluate robust community and support platforms we could leverage for this unified experience. After identifying a solution that would allow us to scale for growth, we started developing the content to stage our new experience.

The Introduction of Knowledge Articles

This upgrade allowed us to purge outdated and irrelevant content from the online ThoughtSpot Community and begin working on introducing something that would bring incredible value to our customers and partners.

Our team set out to convert the most recent and frequently asked community questions into Knowledge Articles that guide a user around a problem or issue with a validated solution. We currently have three types of knowledge articles in our new ThoughtSpot Community and Support Portal: How To, Solution, and Q&A. 

  • How-To: Provides procedural information on how to achieve a specific task.

  • Solution: Provides corrective action on how to best resolve an issue.

  • Question & Answer: Offers information on how something works or how to engage with ThoughtSpot.

As the knowledge base grows over time, this will allow us to reduce the time to resolve cases and enable our community to answer their questions or issues quickly and efficiently.


New ThoughtSpot Community<br> 

Key Highlights

Centralized Hub

From the online ThoughtSpot Community, you can access relevant ThoughtSpot sites and resources like product documentation, ThoughtSpot U, ThoughtSpot User Group events, and access support cases via the Support Portal.

Categorized Product Forums

With our categorized Product Forums, you can easily ask questions, find answers and related knowledge articles, share your expertise, and collaborate with peers.

Integrated Self-Service Support Portal

With this new Support Portal, users will be able to open new cases, engage with self-service resources by leveraging validated knowledge articles, track active support cases, and view case history.

Knowledge Articles

Our team of ThoughtSpot experts has authored and validated knowledge articles that guide users through steps to solve issues across various topics and frequently asked community questions.

Designated Space for our Community Programs

Users worldwide can now connect and engage with one another through our designated discussion space for the various Community Programs we support.

Fun new Gamification elements

New reputation points, levels, and badges will automatically calculate points to motivate, reward, and highlight top community contributors.

Enhanced Search Functionality

Our new keyword search allows you to instantly find all the conversations, articles, files, and media on a specific feature or topic.

Just the Beginning

As we commonly say here at ThoughtSpot: We remain 2% done. This is just the beginning! We have other big plans in store after the initial launch and plan to release additional features and capabilities to the site at a regular cadence.

We’re energized and incredibly excited about what this new experience will bring to the ThoughtSpot Community. We’d love for our global user community members to experience our new ThoughtSpot Community for a spin.

Here are a few ways to get started:

<br>This has been an incredibly fun and rewarding project to be a part of. In addition to all the internal teams that helped make this vision a reality; on behalf of the ThoughtSpot Community team, we want to give a special shoutout to our most active ThoughtSpot community members: Marc Price, Eli Penny, Josh Royse, Callie Cobb, Tracie Wood, Belinda Ngai, and Mike Batovsky; for sharing their feedback and ideas with us during this process.