The Ecosystem Imperative: Why Startups Should Partner with Industry Leaders

Here at ThoughtSpot, we’re committed to helping organizations around the globe use data to make better decisions and build a more fact-driven world. It’s been core to our mission since day one.

An Ecosystem Approach

With such a lofty, ambitious goal, however, we know it will take an ecosystem of technologists, consultants, strategists, and more to make that vision a reality. As a company still mentally in startup mode ourselves, we’re partnering closely with other disruptive up-and-comers across the technology ecosystem, such as Snowflake to deliver analytics in the cloud, and Alteryx to simplify the entire data pipeline with self-service analytics.

It’s these partnerships that have helped make us the leader in search & AI-driven analytics, giving data leaders a real alternative to the typical report factories they’ve been forced to run as a result of legacy analytics solutions. We recognize the power bringing together cutting edge technology from across the analytics ecosystem delivers to our customers, and we want to make leveraging this technology as simple and effective as possible.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

But as global enterprises increasingly bet on ThoughtSpot, we recognize we also need to work with larger, more established vendors to meet our customers where their needs are. This truly forms the basis for how we approach partnerships. Does this bring real value to our customers? Are we helping them solve problems when and where those problems exist? Do we create or identify opportunities our customers can actually act on?

For example, it’s not enough to be the easiest, fastest, most intuitive analytics solution in the marketplace. We also need to be closely aligned with the places our customers keep their data and run their analytics workloads. Toward that end, we just concluded a co-selling agreement with Microsoft specifically to help our customers who are moving to Azure leverage search and AI to get more value out of their data. This helps keep both Microsoft and ThoughtSpot focused on what’s important to customers—providing value to real end users, not just achieving technical excellence. As one of the fastest growing cloud platforms, Azure represents a real paradigm shift for many of our customers - and we want to help these customers not only navigate, but embrace this change successfully.

There’s no doubt the business landscape will continue to undergo serious transformation in the coming years. New technology and new capabilities will continue to emerge, changing the game for technologists, executives, and employees in every industry.

One constant you can count on? We at ThoughtSpot remain committed partnering with innovators large and small to deliver real business value for our customers.