A Day to Make a World of Difference

This weekend we, in America, saw millions of people protesting for their right to breathe, their right to live, and their right to just exist. The reality that black parents are pinning their hopes on cellphone videos to protect and safely bring their children back home is not how anyone should live in 2020.

Protests in the streets are a necessary step to coalesce the attention of the nation, but the fact remains that every meaningful, lasting change in a representative democracy happens at the voting booth.

With just over 500 people, ThoughtSpot is not the biggest of companies, but even at our size, we are aware of the responsibility placed by moments like these. No change is too small, as long as it takes us toward a better tomorrow. And change cannot happen if we don’t give everyone the possibility to make their voice heard. Therefore, we will make election days a paid-holiday for the employees of ThoughtSpot on the day national general elections happen in their country.

We know that many of us nowadays vote early or vote by mail. To be clear, this is not just about giving a day off to vote, but it’s about freeing the time of our employees so they can fully dedicate their time to participate in the process of democracy. We want to give ThoughtSpot employees an opportunity to drive an elderly person to the ballots or volunteer at a polling place.

We hope that other technology companies will join and pledge to give their employees election days off so they can vote, and actively take part in the democratic process to build a fair, and just world for us all.

If your company would like to join this pledge, please have your company fill the form here and tweet out #ADayToVote