Building a Community: Why I Joined ThoughtSpot

In the past week I had the opportunity to attend Beyond, ThoughtSpot’s first-ever customer conference and to my pleasant surprise I met a lot of data-focused and transformation-focused partners that I used to work with in my former business lives. How great to reconnect.

What was even more surprising was that a lot of these partners have just recently joined the ThoughtSpot ecosystem or were at Beyond to do their investment due diligence on the company, technology roadmap, culture, and direction from leadership on partnering.

In speaking to partners throughout the week it was very apparent that many felt they HAVE TO and WANT TO be part of this company, community, and this movement toward democratizing data access with a high level of urgency.

Why the urgency?

Vendors and partners that are vested in expanding the usage and relevance of data and insights within any organizations - a true transformation - are finally see the door being opened to achieving this elusive goal of broader data access. Not just for tens of people but for the entire organization, and most importantly, it's not hidden behind a few people that have access to data.

To better understand this statement, the context of the status quo is important. As a result of the existing first through third generation analytics tools, the ones that are “in the know” when it comes to data and insights are confined to a few that have the time, resources, experience and know-how to build and effectively operate dashboards to mine the data and the resulting insights.

ThoughtSpot is a technology geared for the broader data transformation, helping companies realize the nirvana of better and faster access to insights to drive business decisions for everyone in the organization.

Partners reflected this sensation. It’s one, some have felt once or twice in their career before, and one they’re feeling again with ThoughtSpot. They sense ThoughtSpot is going to be a game changing company for the industry and the broader community at large.

In many ways I could not have captured the motivation and opportunity better than speaking to former partners, colleagues, and friends. It’s this passion, along with the firm belief in authentic leadership, a strong focus on mission, and a healthy, diverse culture, that makes me excited to join ThoughtSpot.

As the global leader of the partner community, my objective at ThoughtSpot, along with my team, is to create a simple, predictable, and profitable business with and for our partner community. Most importantly, I know we can change the way we all access data and insights in our daily business lives through ThoughtSpot. I invite you to join the movement!