Seeing Is Believing: Today's Data Visualization Tools

Well over half of humans are visual learners. That, combined with the fact that employees in modern office environments are busier than ever, is enough to explain why having quality data visualization tools is non-negotiable nowadays.

Creating a graph with a handful of data points by hand is one thing, but trying to create a visual representation using data from millions - or billions - of data points is another altogether. Advanced data analytics and business intelligence software are the foundation. But any insights you find or reports you create are only useful if they’re accessible and interpretable at a glance.

This is precisely why ThoughtSpot’s built-in Business Intelligence & Visualization Server automatically creates interactive visualizations based on queries. These visual analytics save time, yes. But they also allow non-technical end users at every level to produce high-quality charts and graphs—no special training or fiddling around with manual tools required.

So, let’s say a leader within your customer service department wanted to investigate customer complaints by location as part of a campaign to improve retention rates. First, they’d need to enter a query into the Relational Search Engine. However, the algorithms would aid them here with guided, smart query generation, while returning insights from these queries takes just seconds. 

Meanwhile, the built-in data visualization software produces an automatic, best-fit chart or graph. In this case, it’d likely be a geographic map model showing customer complaints as proportionally sized and colored dots. Voila, anyone can see at a glance where most of the complaints originate from, so your company knows to focus their efforts in these cities. And, since data visualization models are interactive, end users can click around to glean more specific insights.

That’s a simple example. Just think about how much data your company is holding. End users at all levels can use today’s data visualization tools as they make decisions that affect revenue. As one ThoughtSpot product manager writes, “If we wish to understand the nonstop collection of data, we need to be able to quickly create charts with massive amounts of data.”

Seeing is believing when it comes to modern BI products. Watch a demo video today! 

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