Practical Uses for Artificial Intelligence Software

Increasingly, artificial intelligence software and data-driven decision making go hand in hand. It’s an exciting time for business intelligence technologies because they have the potential to completely revolutionize organizations’ relationship to stored data. Artificial intelligence algorithms can now accomplish in seconds processes that used to require extensive effort from a human data team. The result? It’s faster and simpler than ever for business users to derive accurate insights from deep within company data.

This holds true for businesses across industries and sectors. At the end of the day, any organization can benefit from a more advanced approach to data mining. Here are a handful of practical uses for AI software in the workplace.

Analyzing Data from Disparate Sources

Large organizations face the ongoing challenge of analyzing data from many previously disparate sources. An AI-driven analytics engine is capable of executing thousands of queries on billions of data points from multiple sources. This elevates the scale at which companies are able to compare, contrast and analyze their existing data.

Discovering Trends in Data

Isolating trends in massive data stores can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But AI algorithms can handle this task in seconds—equipping employees with the information they need to make informed decisions.

For example, Scotiabank uses ThoughtSpot to analyze trends in online and in-person transactions so it can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Discovering Automated Insights

The ability to automate insights with a click or schedule insight-detection tasks saves organizations time, effort and humanpower. SpotIQ can even push notifications into business applications so nobody misses the latest scoop.

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