What does the modern business need to outperform competitors? A winning strategy, to start.  AI data analysis helps companies strategize by digging deep into data to produce actionable insights. The right data mining tools turn the data companies have amassed over the years into useful intelligence capable of driving revenue and streamlining performance.

What Can SpotIQ Do?

Business users don’t need any in-depth business analytics training to take advantage of the SpotIQ AI-driven analytics engine. It only takes a click and a few seconds to:

In other words, SpotIQ  helps you answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask. Insight-detection algorithms analyze billions of data points based on thousands of questions to uncover insights. SpotIQ even pushes relevant AI data intelligence to business users in emails or messaging apps for updates on the go.

Boosting Insight Relevancy

And don’t forget about the benefits of machine learning in data analytics. SpotIQ depends on human feedback—also called supervised learning— to teach the system what’s relevant and what’s not for future reference. Assigning a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to an insight is enough to refine the system. Human users also have the power to adjust the scope of any data analysis.

Ensuring Data Transparency

Employees are never kept in the dark about AI-driven analytics. Business users get visibility into questions, algorithms, calculations and why insights are relevant. In this sense, humans and SpotIQ are true partners in uncovering helpful insights hidden away in the mountains of data modern businesses collect every day.

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