Unleashing the Power: Data Mining Tools

Data is a major byproduct of doing business. But storing data does little good for companies unable to then convert it into actionable insights that optimize performance. Today’s leading companies are bringing data to the forefront of every decision in a way that leads to better business outcomes. How? By harnessing the power of data mining tools, to start.

SpotIQ: The Automated Data Mining Tool

Data mining is essentially exactly what the name implies: Analyzing large sets of data to find patterns and insights within. In the past, this process required human analysts to spend hours upon hours asking questions, sifting through data and producing reports. Not only was this a time-consuming process, but it also meant many insights stayed buried within row of data, never to see the light of day.

The SpotIQ AI Engine from ThoughtSpot “accomplishes in a single click what could take 40,000 man hours.” This demonstrates the true power of today’s automated data mining tools; now, even non-technical users simply have to click to launch insight-detection algorithms. The result? Actionable insights emerge in seconds, ready to be incorporated into smarter decision-making.

Here’s a sampling of the types of insights SpotIQ’s data mining technique can uncover from billions of rows of data:

  • Anomalies: Patterns that stick out or fail to conform to expected norms.

  • Leading indicators: Causal relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

  • Trends: Consistent patterns over time, isolated from surrounding noisy data.

  • Segments: Similarities and differences between various groups of data.

SpotIQ Uses Human Feedback to Improve

Data mining is a significant endeavor. How can business users ensure they’re getting relevant and usable insights from a sea of data? An advanced machine-learning algorithm improves SpotIQ with each use. Humans offer feedback upon receiving insights to “train” the AI engine to improve over time.

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