Every company needs answers to key questions so they can make informed business decisions, especially when it comes to boosting customer loyalty and optimizing return on investment (ROI). The best way to see how AI and machine learning accomplishes this is to learn about it in action.

A brief introduction: ThoughtSpot makes humans and machines partners in business intelligence using advanced algorithms. SpotIQ, in particular, exists to discover and curate  automated insights previously buried in troves of data across multiple sources. Just how powerful is SpotIQ? Well, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, this business analytics tool “accomplishes in a single click what could take 40,000 man hours.”

Although technology from ThoughtSpot is applicable across a wide variety of industries, let’s look at how a communications company could use AI machine learning to derive customer analytics insights and make smarter decisions about packages and pricing.

In order to stay competitive in the modern market, telecommunications companies must figure out which plans and packages customers prefer—and at which price points. Except, with so much data to work with across cities, states and customers, it can be difficult to draw the right conclusions.

That’s where SpotIQ comes in. Advanced algorithms quickly identify trends, outliers and more on a huge scale (thousands of ad hoc queries across billions of bits of data from multiple sources). So, for example, you could get an insight about growth rates across various subscription models in an easy-to-understand format, called a natural language narrative. It might read something like, “For age group 24-30, enrollment in the Preferred package was 38 percent higher compared to other age groups” or “In Q4, 2017, enrollment in the Premium package rose 48 percent in New York and Massachusetts compared to other states.”

If you liked the insight, you can tell SpotIQ by assigning it thumbs up. If it wasn’t what you were looking for, you can tell the machine-learning algorithm by assigning it thumbs down. This helps the platform learn what’s relevant to you and users like you. Your feedback shapes its effectiveness over time.

Using SpotIQ, you’re never far from a groundbreaking insight. The platform pushes insights directly to your favorite devices so you can always take advantage of data.

That’s just one small example of how AI machine learning can revolutionize how much value a company gets from its data. Learn more by watching a demonstration video from ThoughtSpot today