5 Must-Have Traits for Telecom Analytics Tools

The telecom industry is in the midst of a data analytics boom. Fierce competition and an ever-changing business landscape have challenged companies to let the quality of their customer experience guide their efforts.

But continually setting the customer service bar higher is difficult without quality, accessible data to inform various decisions.

Let’s explore five must-have traits for any telecom customer analytics tool.


A company could be collecting a wealth of data, but if it’s only accessible through the magic of a data scientist or analyst, you’re not getting as much mileage out of your data as you should be. When questions can be searched in natural language, interacting with data isn’t so intimidating, and it starts becoming more a part of employees’ workflow.


It would seem that if a telecom analytics tool was search-driven, that it would also support ad-hoc queries. This is far from the case. Many telecom business intelligence tools have offered search functionality in their interfaces, but they’re limited to specific types of queries supported by the data structure. Telecom customer analytics tools like ThoughtSpot source answers from an organization’s entire data arsenal to satisfy every new approach.


With the power behind data, it no longer makes sense for humans to go it alone. One artificial intelligence tool can pull the weight of a large team of data analysts. In the case of our AI-driven analytics brain called SpotIQ, users receive automated insights on top of the answer to their question. Insights might detail key indicators or suggest additional data segments to analyze. It might isolate trends or uncover data anomalies. Best of all, SpotIQ leverages simple ‘thumbs-up’ ‘thumbs-down’ feedback to learn the types of findings user prefer most.

Integrates All Data Sources

Networks, customers, usage behavior, location, and countless other types of data swirl around an organization’s data lake. Without a data tool to consolidate sources, silos are inevitable. A reliable telecom analytics solution will sync with various data sources so companies can ask questions and make decisions with the whole picture in mind.


You’ve heard it before: data quality is everything. So is the transparency in each data interaction. Whether it’s counting on an analytics tool to properly structure your datasets or leaning on AI to suggest relevant information, a telecom analytics platforms are worthless if you can’t trust the source or presentation of the findings.

Learn more about what fuels ThoughtSpot’s customer analytics tool when you read our white paper on SpotIQ AI-Driven Analytics: Architecting Automated Insights for the Masses.

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