Supply Chain Data Analytics: What's Good?

Between creating products and distributing them, there are seemingly endless logistics to consider: product development, engineering, packaging, delivery, sales, forecasting and more. Using the latest supply chain data analytics, companies discover data insights at every stage and act on them—with the ultimate goal of driving revenue and reducing expenditures.

The Perks of Search-Driven Analytics

With access to supply chain management analytics, business people with no formal training can explore search queries like:

  • Status and completion rates of product tickets
  • Inventory levels by location, product type and more
  • Revenue by channel
  • Financial performance by time period
  • Performance by distributor.

Search-driven analytics  allow employees to take the driver’s seat, whether they’re aiming to improve sales pipeline management or eliminate bottlenecks in your processes. ThoughtSpot’s next generation analytics platform is flexible and scalable, meaning millions of users can get exactly what they need from company data.

The key is empowering business users to crunch their own numbers rather than having to outsource these tasks to dedicated data teams. This system also takes care of building interactive charts in seconds, saving everyone time and hassle.

Embedded Analytics Promote Transparency

Furthermore, embedded analytics for manufacturing and supply chain management help make data insights and BI tools accessible to all. Employees, partners and customers can access shared charts, dashboards and portals—with permission from administrators, of course.

One Fortune 500 manufacturing company embedded analytics into their dealer portal, giving their sales and service teams the ability to perform ad-hoc search analyses. This enabled the company to:

  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Speed up turnaround time for deliverables
  • Meet customer requests faster
  • Grow revenue

The Bottom Line

Companies seeking transparent, digestible insights every step of the way will benefit from the latest in supply chain data analytics. Seeing is believing. Watch a ThoughtSpot demonstration today!


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