Can Healthcare Data Analytics Strengthen Your Hospital?

A hospital is like a many-celled organism—its continued existence is based on many different systems coming together to make a whole, functioning entity. But it’s an ongoing challenge for administrators and practitioners alike to streamline the operations of a large organization.

You may be wondering: Can healthcare data analytics strengthen your hospital? Yes. Here are just a few examples demonstrating the application of analytics in healthcare:

  • Tracking hospital inventory levels over time

  • Analyzing patient outcomes in seconds

  • Identifying patterns to reduce overhead

  • Assessing staffing levels across the organization

ThoughtSpot enables end users at any level—from physicians to administrators—to access instant healthcare business intelligence. The result? Timely, informed decisions that boost the patient experience and ROI.

Prioritizing Your Patients

Traditional BI reports take days, weeks or even months from start to finish. But monitoring and improving patient outcomes is an ongoing activity. You don’t want to act based on information that was relevant last quarter—you need timely, transparent BI in the moment.

For more responsive patient data analytics, use the Relational Search Engine from ThoughtSpot. End users at any level can enter guided queries and produce an interactive graph or chart illustrating the results in seconds. Then they can embed their results in hospital dashboards and work portals for everyone with permission to see.

Uncovering Important Insights

But sometimes, end users don’t know exactly what they’re seeking. In his case, the Spot IQ AI Engine can uncover previously hidden hospital management solutions hidden inside your structured data. Its powerful in-memory calculation engine can query billions of rows of data to return insights in seconds. Then it’s up to your organization to act on them.

Healthcare Data Analytics in Action

The Miami Children’s Health System used these BI tools to boost data visibility across their organization with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. The result? Staff and clinicians no longer need to wait for custom reports to draw conclusions from data.

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