4 Ways Business Intelligence Helps Telecom Providers Grow

Today’s telecommunication landscape is vast and demanding. Providers must deal with an unprecedented amount of connectivity points and serve customers who expect fast, reliable service.

And with the rise of IoT and widespread use of wireless sensor networks, telecom companies have boatloads of data to handle, presenting obvious challenges but also big opportunities.

Yet, most business intelligence or data analytics platforms aren’t agile enough to make this data accessible and useful. At least until ThoughtSpot’s business intelligence for telecommunications platform came along. Here are four ways ThoughtSpot helps telecom providers put their data to use for growth.

  1. Better Visibility into Network Issues and Location Data
    With an array of devices able to stream high-quality video and particular time frames with heavy usage, getting an accurate historical scope of network issues and the details surrounding the service interruptions helps telecom providers look inward to strengthen particular locales.

    Additionally, the much-anticipated rollout of 5G — which will be IoT’s connective tissue — puts an even greater importance on telecom providers to see their networks in the clearest light.

    BI telecom platforms like ThoughtSpot could tell a company the most common types of service interruption, the areas that experience interruption most often or even the devices most likely to encounter issues.

  2. Proactive Customer Care
    The more digital content that’s created and more devices we have to consume it from ultimately means a greater reliance on quality service. But no matter how evolved technology becomes, customer complaints will always occur, which is why issues need to be resolved ahead of time to reduce customer wait times and unsatisfactory support.

    ThoughtSpot’s business intelligence platform helps telecom providers use their wealth of data to inform their decisions. Whether you’re forecasting how many support reps you’ll need for the upcoming holiday season or determining how many Android versus iOS technical support employees to staff, ThoughtSpot clarifies the picture. When extensive data is presented so cleanly, customer trends also become easier to grasp, such as comparing services outages on a particular day by customer segment or devices. On a more granular level, customer care reps can up their service by searching for the most common customer complaints, finding stats on the complaints that customers waited on the phone longest about or even identifying support questions by email that took reps longest to respond.

  3. Improved Understanding of Subscriber Base
    THaving a robust subscriber base is great, but without a platform to better understand customers, opportunities for cross/upselling and more personalized customer service are lost.

    A search and AI-powered telecom business intelligence tool can provide anything from granular subscription-by-subscription insights to long-term trends by region or subscriber growth rates by zip code while pointing out data anomalies and drawing causal relationships that are moving business forward.

    Of course, all these benefits contribute to any business’ central goal of reducing customer churn!

  4. IoT Data Monetization
    IoT continues to grow and accelerate. In 2020, the number of IoT-connected devices globally reached 11.7 billion. By 2025, it’s estimated there will be more than 30.9B IoT devices worldwide. One way telecom companies are making up for diminishing data revenue is by forming IoT partnerships, like in connected cars.

    As other opportunities emerge, like connected vehicle fleets, workforce training and media deals around mobile streaming, there’ll be more IoT subscriptions for providers to manage and more data to collect. For telecom companies to properly capitalize on IoT subscriptions, the vast amounts of data they collect must be accessible, timely and easy to digest. Since ThoughtSpot works off in-memory calculations, scales to as many users who have questions to ask and relays findings through easy-to-digest visualizations, telecom companies have massive unrealized revenue sitting there for the taking.

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