3 Benefits of Employing Self-Service Analytics in Healthcare

Have you ever wondered how you can get everyone within your healthcare organization on the same page? Well the answer might be found in self-service analytics in healthcare.

Here are just three benefits to harnessing the power of search and AI-driven analytics with ThoughtSpot.

Direct Access to Data

Business intelligence tools like the Relational Search Engine and SpotIQ AI Engine allow healthcare experts to pull their own insights and create their own reports on the spot

  • Scientists and researchers can analyze drug trials themselves

  • Pharmacists and sales representatives can access relevant pharma analytics

  • Hospital administrators can examine workforce and patient turnover

Data democratization allows healthcare experts to get what they need from structured data, rather than requiring IT and data specialists with no domain expertise to act as the gatekeepers. This means faster intelligence with less friction—a precursor to more timely, effective decision-making. In the end, you may find better treatments, improved outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Cutting Hospital Costs

Modern organizations can use healthcare data solutions to streamline expenditures and optimize budgets. For example, high readmission rates are expensive for hospitals, to say nothing about the experience for the patient. AI- and search-driven analytics can expose patterns, trends and relationships surrounding readmission, helping leaders make active changes to reduce this phenomenon over time.

Easier Sharing Across Ecosystems

Healthcare data can be sensitive in nature, meaning your organization needs to be able to control who has access to what kind of data. However, getting everyone on the same page means you’ll need a way to readily share intel.

Healthcare data analytics from ThoughtSpot are fully embeddable in these forms:

  • Relational Search Engine tool

  • Custom charts and graphs

  • In-depth dashboards

  • Custom analytics portals

However, the system combines  enterprise-grade security with incredibly granular levels of data governance, ensuring users inside and outside your organization can only see and access what they should, when they should. Leaders can set specific permissions for users and groups to keep organizational data protected.

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