What is Search-Driven Analytics?

Imagine if anyone in your company could answer
any data question in seconds

No matter where you work, no matter what you do, we all want to make smarter decisions.

The secret is fast and easy access to data - but that’s easier said than done. Most business people don’t have time for a 3-day training class to learn how to use complex analytics technology. And waiting days for highly trained analysts to build reports and dashboards slows down decisions. We all want answers now, not weeks from now. decisions.

Now for the good news: Finally there’s a way for business people to easily answer their own data questions. It’s called Search-Driven Analytics. Anyone can use the power of search to analyze data and create reports and dashboards in seconds. There’s no need for SQL expertise or lengthy training sessions - your searches are translated into SQL and answers are calculated on-the-fly. Analyzing your data has never been easier or faster. decisions.

And for all you data experts out there, it’s great news for you too. Now you can focus your time on more strategic sophisticated analyses, rather than building one-off reports that go stale the second you send them out. decisions.

You've got to see it to believe it.

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