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NeuroFlow is a leading software company dedicated to improving mental health outcomes through innovative technology solutions. Their mission is to create a happier and healthier world by providing data-driven insights and actionable recommendations to healthcare professionals and individuals. With a focus on empowering providers and organizations with the data to better measure, triage, and manage individuals, NeuroFlow is revolutionizing the way mental health is understood and addressed.


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With the global prevalence of mental health issues affecting one in four individuals, NeuroFlow recognizes the urgent need to leverage data-driven insights when it comes to helping their customers deliver integrated, measurement-based care. However, as the team and technology scaled, their existing business intelligence (BI) tool struggled to provide the comprehensive analytics required to address this complex and rapidly evolving landscape. NeuroFlow was determined to find a solution that could help them build the technology infrastructure that leading healthcare organizations use for employing effective and scalable integrated care programs . They wanted to eliminate the following pain points:

  • The majority of analysts’ time was spent creating dashboards.

  • Ad hoc queries arising from old BI tool dashboards consumed the majority of the data team's time, preventing them from working on data projects with broader impact.

We didn’t just want to solve a pain point; we wanted to future proof it. We needed a tool that would not just eliminate our problems, but also one we could scale with.
Bill LynchSr. Director of Data Science & AnalyticsNeuroFlow

After releasing a company-wide survey to gain feedback on existing obstacles, the responses highlighted the need for a BI tool that would allow team members across the organization to effortlessly build and share reports on specific topics, access data quickly, and feel comfortable navigating existing dashboards or creating new ones. These challenges demanded a comprehensive solution that could enhance data accessibility, streamline the dashboard creation processes, and improve self-service exploration.

We needed a tool that was personalized and fostered data literacy. We knew ThoughtSpot would allow us to make business users partners and co-create alongside the data team.
Sam KampaSr. Data AnalystNeuroFlow

The NeuroFlow platform (showing demo/mock user data)


After evaluating several BI tools, NeuroFlow chose ThoughtSpot for its personalized data experience and collaborative approach with business users. Now, users can make proactive decisions and reduce dependency on the central data team, allowing them to focus on more sophisticated and impactful work.

With an impressive 70% active user rate post-go-live, ThoughtSpot's ease of use and collaborative features have empowered efficient decision-making and knowledge sharing across the organization. By eliminating the need for SQL and leveraging Thoughtspot’s NLP capabilities, users can ask questions such as, “what is the clinical reduction rate for patients with depression since the beginning of 2023?” and receive instant insights. The customizable interface allows stakeholders to explore data and uncover valuable patterns, ultimately helping the team move closer towards its mission of making a happier, healthier world through driving positive change in mental health outcomes. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, NeuroFlow achieved significant milestones, including:

  • Number of active dashboards reduced from 137 to 18

  • 85% increase in BI Tool Net Promoter Survey score

  • 100% of survey respondents noted a reduction in time to build a dashboard

The two top Liveboards users access are the Client Success Hub and Client Health liveboard–segmenting key organizations’ sites that utilize NeuroFlow’s technology to facilitate integrated care. These insights are then utilized in Quarterly Business Reviews with NeuroFlow’s clients, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the trends of their population’s overall health.

NeuroFlow’s partnership with ThoughtSpot has solidified their position as a leader in data-driven healthcare solutions, making a profound, positive impact on the mental health crisis.

There was a clear need for change. It was hard to find the data people needed along with the context they needed to understand it. ThoughtSpot has solved those pain points.
Bill LynchSr. Director of Data Science & AnalyticsNeuroFlow

What's next

With successful integration of ThoughtSpot, NeuroFlow is driving continuous innovation and growth in the mental health space. Their next steps involve expanding ThoughtSpot adoption across the organization with the aim of 100% usage by the end of the year and leveraging advanced analytics techniques to help deliver innovative solutions and unlock valuable insights that reshape the delivery and adoption of integrated healthcare.