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Modern Restaurant Concepts offers a unique take on fast-casual food. Consisting of two brands, Modern Market Eatery and Lemonade, the company provides a whole, clean and sustainable alternative to your everyday fast-casual options, marrying quality and convenience for a contemporary change of pace. With 48 restaurants across eight markets, Modern Restaurant Concepts has incredible national presence with an exciting opportunity for expansion.



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Modern data stack

Our motto at Modern Market is Eat Well, Be Happy and at Lemonade it’s Eat, Drink. Live Colorfully. Our founders really wanted to create concepts for food that improved our guests' quality of life.
Lisa SauerDirector of FinanceModern Restaurant Concepts


In search of a solution that would provide the flexibility to help accelerate their growth, Lisa Sauer, Director of Finance at Modern Restaurant Concepts, knew a change in process was essential. In order to access the data they needed, the team was pulling several different reports and manually combining them to create an Excel report that would then be sent out. With dozens of restaurants across the nation, Modern Restaurant Concepts wanted their General Managers at every restaurant to be able to look at their sales and labor data on a daily and even hourly basis.

To get the information we needed, we would have to check Point of Sales and Excel reports. This was a huge reason we moved to ThoughtSpot - we needed the ease of use and flexibility that other systems couldn’t provide us.
Lisa SauerDirector of FinanceModern Restaurant Concepts


Aware of how time consuming Excel reports were, and the increased chance for human error, it was important for Modern Restaurant Concepts to modernize their current strategy. Modern Restaurant Concepts needed to find the right data stack in order to eliminate unnecessary processes and put both concepts, Modern Market and Lemonade, under one reporting system to drive efficiency. Using Google BigQuery, an implementation supported by data advisors from Great Data Minds, Modern Restaurant Concepts was eager to find a solution that easily transferred information from multiple source systems to one single source of truth.

On a mission to enable all team members, Modern Restaurant Concepts chose ThoughtSpot’s Modern Analytics Cloud for their seamless integration with Google BigQuery. In the decision making process, Lisa and her team were looking for an intuitive tool that was easy to navigate, and would allow for nimble reporting to lighten the load for both brands.

It was important to us to have a BI solution that was built using a serverless cloud based warehouse, where we could feed from our source systems. With Google Big Query as our cloud solution, combined with our partnership with Great Data Minds, this data could then come to life with Thoughtspot as the front end analytics powerhouse.
Lisa SauerDirector of FinanceModern Restaurant Concepts

ThoughtSpot allows Modern Restaurant Concepts to pull information at every stage, improving their speed to insights from days to mere moments with ThoughtSpot’s Live Analytics and easy to understand visualizations. The Finance team is now able to take a granular look into labor data via a proprietary labor matrix measurement and use ThoughSpot to help identify any outliers with ease.

Now, the Finance team is looking closely into actual sales versus forecasts, budgeting more easily, quickly course correcting, and setting more transparent goals.

What's next

As we continue to move more and more data into one reporting platform, we have already been able to focus on deeper data driven decisions being made at every level.
Lisa SauerDirector of FinanceModern Restaurant Concepts

Since migrating to ThoughtSpot, users across Modern Restaurant Concepts no longer struggle with manual reporting. Adoption is growing quickly, and the team expects to increase the number of users by 50% by the end of 2022.