An AI-powered search experience that puts
LLMs to work on your business data.

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Loved by innovative, fast-growing companies



An AI-powered search experience that puts
LLMs series of models to work on your business data.

Start for free. No Credit Card required.

Loved by innovative, fast-growing companies

Ask questions like a business leader,
get insights like an analyst

ThoughtSpot Sage combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with the accuracy
of our patented search technology so that anyone can uncover trustworthy AI generated
insights in natural language.

How does ThoughtSpot Sage work?

AI-powered search
in natural language

Search for insights the way you’d ask any question. We take your query and uncover relevant, trusted insights from your data so that you can immediately take action.

AI-generated answers

In addition to surfacing relevant search results, ThoughtSpot Sage generates custom, trusted answers that you can rely on.


Coming soon

Dig deeper into any AI generated answer to satisfy your curiosity with an iterative conversational BI experience.

Advanced human-in-
the-loop feedback

Go beyond thumbs-up and down
feedback. Teach your model how to provide accurate, business-specific answers with an industry-leading level of precision and oversight.

insights on-the-go

Easily access your most important business insights wherever you are with natural language search and automated business monitoring on ThoughtSpot’s mobile app.

What makes ThoughtSpot Sage different?

Purpose-made for business users to uncover insights

Built on the world’s most robust relational search engine

Advanced human-in-the-loop feedback ensures business relevancy

Enterprise-grade security you can feel confident in

See what ThoughtSpot users
are saying about us

ThoughtSpot Sage excites us, as it enables effortless ad-hoc questioning for instant answers at all levels, from business professionals to the leadership level, where rapid answers to ad-hoc questions are of the utmost importance.

Ian Pressman Senior Data Manager

With ThoughtSpot Sage, we can now ask specific questions such as, "where does [company x] lease from us and denote each upcoming lease expiration date and rental rate?" The answer appears within seconds.

Keith Gendreau Vice President of Development

ThoughtSpot helps us analyze and spot trends in our player acquisition, best performing game features, and how we monetize our offerings. It’s extremely fast to answer any data question you input to then deliver a visualization that you can easily pin to your liveboard and ask the next question, and the next.

Riley Molloy Senior Manager Data Science
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Frequently asked questions

What is ThoughtSpot Sage?

ThoughtSpot Sage provides AI-powered analytics that takes search-driven analytics to the next level with natural language and generative AI. ThoughtSpot, together with the power of LLMs, combines the ease of natural language with the accuracy of our patented search and the governance your business demands. Now users can ask business questions in natural language to easily search for existing content across your analytics catalog, create new charts and visualizations, and more.

Can ThoughtSpot Sage handle my data schema?

LLMs on their own have limitations in supporting complex data schemas required for analytics use cases. By bringing together ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology with LLM series of models, ThoughtSpot Sage is able to make natural language search work on business data. When business questions are typed into the search bar, an accurate business-ready SQL statement is generated and executed on a complex relational schema. This results in trusted, granular insights on ad-hoc questions tailored for you.

How do I know if the answers generated by ThoughtSpot Sage are accurate?

ThoughtSpot's patented search technology has been perfected over the last decade to produce accurate insights. ThoughtSpot Sage augments this with the power of LLMs, enabling a natural language experience that delivers trusted insights. You can ask deeper questions, drill anywhere, as well as provide feedback to the search engine, so humans are at the center of every interaction to ensure you get the most accurate answer you need.

What can I do to improve the quality of the search results?

ThoughtSpot Sage gives you the ability to provide feedback to the search engine to fine tune the quality of the search results. It learns from your input to generate more relevant answers to you.

What controls are in place to ensure privacy and security?

ThoughtSpot Sage is backed by SOC2 compliant Azure OpenAI Service. ThoughtSpot sends the natural language query and metadata like column names, descriptions, and sample values for the purposes of providing accurate, in-context responses. GPT does not store the sample data or metadata that ThoughtSpot sends, nor does it use this information for retraining the model. For more information please see ThoughtSpot Sage documentation or ThoughtSpot’s privacy statement.

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