High performance consumer-grade analytics across data platforms

Give everyone fast, ad-hoc interactive
analytics across data platforms

Let anyone create, consume and operationalize data-driven
insights via a single point of access across multiple sources.

Search to analyze
all your data

Easily ask ad-hoc questions on your data, no matter where it resides.

Single point of access
without moving your data

Get a holistic view of your business with access to data from various sources.

Best-in-class performance
on more data

Run lightning fast queries with high concurrency across sources.

Run live, analytical queries
where the data resides

Eliminate the need to move or copy data,
with a single data consumption layer.

Connect to Starbust

Preview and Select Data

Start Searching

Build interactive
data apps

Use ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s built-in developer experience to build a search-driven analytics experience in your data apps to keep users coming back for more.

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