ThoughtSpot Early Access Program


ThoughtSpot would like to invite you to participate in the Early Access Program for access to our latest innovations!

Through the Early Access Program, you will be able to evaluate the full set of product capabilities in development and work with our product management and engineering teams to provide valuable feedback that will help shape imminent and future capabilities of the ThoughtSpot products to best serve your needs. We are asking for your help to make us better. Your participation and feedback will be immensely valuable.

The version of ThoughtSpot Cloud and related technologies will be still in early development, so ThoughtSpot’s standard terms for customers will not apply. The version may fail or contain errors, and is not permitted for use with production or confidential data.

Plan for Upcoming Features

Gain insight into ThoughtSpot’s implementation of its roadmap and feature releases to align your business strategy to future capabilities and develop implementation plans to ensure a smooth transition when new functionalities become available.

Influence Product Development

Engage with ThoughtSpot’s development team to help them address your needs most effectively and ensure that the product aligns closely with your requirements.

Stage Configurations

Explore new features and configuration options, customize settings, and evaluate the impact of new features and functionalities on your configurations to ensure that you are prepared to use upcoming features as soon as they are available.

How to Participate in the Early Access Program?

  1. Request to Enroll: Use the form below to enroll.
  2. Receive Your Enrollment Confirmation: ThoughtSpot will confirm that you are a current customer in good standing and respond with an email confirmation or rejection. If no email is received, please reach out to your ThoughtSpot Account Executive for assistance.
  3. Receive Credentials: Once accepted, ThoughtSpot will provision an early access instance and contact you with access credentials.
  4. Questions? Send any questions to [email protected], or discuss with your ThoughtSpot Sales representative.

By clicking “Enroll” below, you represent that: the entity provided in the form below (“Participant”) is a current ThoughtSpot customer in good standing; you accept the terms of the ThoughtSpot Early Access Program Agreement on behalf of Participant; you have the authority to represent such entity; and you have read and understood all the provisions of such agreement.