What Kind of Financial Companies Use ThoughtSpot Data Analytics?

Like a heartbeat, the global financial industry is a living, breathing, ever-changing thing. For financial services professionals and firms, success hinges on thorough and ongoing data analyses.

But do some companies benefit from using BI financial analytics more than others? What kind of firms use financial analytics in general?

Any organization that would benefit from employees working autonomously to find the answers to their moment-to-moment curiosities.

Learn more about self-serve financial analytics and three of the many types of companies that love using them.

Global Traders

Operating a successful trading company in the digital age requires that employees have access to instant knowledge. This is what was plaguing leading global online trader CMC markets. The London-based firm leveraged ThoughtSpot to accelerate knowledge discovery and give employees more autonomy to find their own answers. This heightened employees' morale, reduced the data team's reporting backlog and improved the overall flow of communication in the organization.

Learn more about CMC’s success story using ThoughtSpot’s BI financial analytics.

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Personal and Commercial Banking

Countless transactions of all types occur each day in the financial industry, but personal and commercial bankers are on the front lines of the activity. In an economy that offers plenty of banking options, firms only have so many ways to compete with each other. A key cog to gaining a competitive edge is offering more convenient and personal experiences.

That’s what Sterling Bank envisioned when they implemented ThoughtSpot as its banking and financial services analytics platform. Through one search-driven interface, anyone from marketing managers to operations teams can tap into the wealth of customer insights lurking in data.

Read how Sterling National Bank put its customer data to work with search-driven analytics.

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Independent Brokerages

Compromising over 8,000 financial advisors and more than $224 billion in advisory and brokerage assets, Cetera Financial Group generates over one billion in revenue per year. They’re the second-largest independent broker-dealer in the U.S., with offices scattered in half a dozen cities around the country. But with so many separate entities fueling their operation, Cetera needed a way to get everyone using their arsenal of data.

Understand how Cetera Financial Group and other companies used ThoughtSpot to scale analytic adoption across their business successfully: View the webinar now!

Whether it’s quantitative financial analytics or BI, a wealth of answers exist in your firm’s data.

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