Databricks and ThoughtSpot

Deliver consumer-grade analytics for
your lakehouse

Give everyone true
self-service analytics

Bring hyper-personalized insights to all your
users without ever having to compromise on
the speed, performance, or governance of
your lakehouse.

Search to analyze all your data

All your data in Delta Lake is fully indexed to let you easily ask ad-hoc questions.

Massive scale and speed

High performance query engine, low latency, and high user concurrency.

Real-time insights via live query

Push-down optimized queries to get the most up-to-date insights on time series and streaming data.

Run live queries directly in
your lakehouse

Get a unified, integrated environment that delivers the best
of analytics and modern cloud architecture at scale.


Connect to Databricks SQL


Build interactive
data apps

Use ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s built-in developer experience to build a search-driven analytics experience in your data apps to keep users coming back for more.

See for yourself

Check out ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud on Databricks using the power of search and AI to run live queries on your lakehouse.


Want to see the magic in action?