3 ways to get more value from your cloud data warehouse

The cloud has become the core for data storage, processing, and computing across every major organization. It’s also become the default for companies both implementing or upgrading a new data warehouse. 

When you look at the benefits, it’s clear why this has become the standard. The scale, flexibility, and power of the cloud make cloud data warehouses a no-brainer. And given the rise of an entire ecosystem of cloud technologies, including ETL/ELT, getting data into these warehouses has never been simpler.

Turning this data into insights, however, hasn’t been so easy. Only 24% of companies say they’ve become data-driven, according to the 2021 Big Data and AI Executive Survey from NewVantage Partners. Unlocking the real value of data remains a challenge for many organizations. 

Here are three ways to maximize the value of your cloud data warehouse with cloud analytics

Save time on implementation

Getting your data into a cloud data warehouse is a time-consuming process. It requires testing, evaluation, and then carefully moving your company’s most valuable asset – its data. 

With cloud analytics, you eliminate the need to do all this complex set up work again. Instead, you can quickly connect to your cloud data warehouse and begin scaling the solution out to different teams. Better still, if you find a cloud analytics solution that connects to multiple cloud data warehouses you can launch limitless use cases wherever your data lives. 

Bridge cloud data to business users

As research from Harvard Business Review shows, 87% of leaders say their organization will be more successful when they empower their frontline employees to make data-driven decisions.  However, most analytics solutions still require deep technical expertise. This creates the same bottlenecks between data and business teams that have throttled the use of analytics for decades. In a cloud-driven world, this impediment to speed and personalization can be disastrous. 

Modern cloud analytics offer a new way to engage directly with your cloud data warehouse. Through intuitive interfaces like search, any business person can find insights and make better decisions. There’s no curiosity tax. Business users can freely explore data, drill down, and answer their own questions – all without having to learn a technical skill.

Stay on the cutting edge of innovation

While cloud analytics delivers exceptional value today, the pace of change across the data ecosystem has never been greater. As new capabilities continue to be introduced, simply cloud-washing existing analytics technologies will keep organizations from tapping into this innovation. 

Modern cloud analytics gives businesses a seamless experience for implementing these new technologies. Instead of redeploying or waiting for a new software install, cloud analytics bring the newest capabilities right to your fingertips. And with consumption based pricing, you only pay for what you use and find valuable.

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