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The effects of COVID-19 are being felt in every facet of life. Now more than ever, more data sharing and faster insights will lead to profound change. ThoughtSpot’s mission is to create a more fact-driven world. When unprecedented events happen, bringing data, analytics and human experience together will help make fast and impactful decisions. Below we are sharing several experiences to analyze the latest outbreak data and forecast the impact.


Use the power of search and AI to analyze the spread of COVID-19

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Use a live, interactive dashboard to track the outbreak

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Use a forecasting model to reveal the impact of different levels of shutdown

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Try searching for insights yourself

Answer your own questions about the COVID-19 outbreak

Start by typing:  # cases [your country] daily


Track the spread of COVID-19

Explore an interactive dashboard to find
deeper insights about the outbreak


This data above is from Johns Hopkins University and USA Facts about COVID-19 public dataset.


Forecast the impact of COVID-19

Use analytics to model an optimal shutdown schedule.
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Navigate this uncertainty with
faster time-to-insight

Additional resources and top use cases for times like these.

COVID-19 Data from Johns Hopkins

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Why speed to insight matters now more than ever

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