What a Difference a Year Makes for ThoughtSpot: A Partner’s Perspective

It’s been a year since I had the privilege to speak at the very first ever ThoughtSpot customer conference, Beyond 2018. In a space that moves as fast as analytics, that can feel like a lifetime!

At that time, ThoughtSpot was a fairly new analytics platform. The company had made inroads with some enterprises and quietly moved into Gartner’s “Visionary” quadrant, but many had never heard of ThoughtSpot.

But like I said, when it comes to data, a lot can happen in twelve months. Over the past year, the entire analytics industry has not only heard of ThoughtSpot, but are sitting up and taking notice.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the Magic Quadrant. In the spring of 2019, ThoughtSpot entered Gartner’s Leader Quadrant and in doing so, became both the youngest company to accomplish this feat, as well as the fastest. ThoughtSpot was also the first application to break into the Leader Quadrant in the past 6 years.

Why? Because ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven approach to analytics is finally putting the power of analytics in the hands of frontline decision makers, delivering on the promise of analytics like never before.

So how did we get here?

Over the past year, ThoughtSpot has carved out a space as a true innovator in the industry, worthy of being labeled a visionary or a leader. They’ve done this in a couple of ways:

  • Self Service Access for All. While most analytics tools require users to have some level of technical sophistication, ThoughtSpot has a search and AI approach. This means anyone who can type a search can access terabytes and terabytes of data and find insights, while AI helps users find meaningful answers to questions they didn’t even think to ask.

  • Taking Democratization a Step Further. ThoughtSpot’s dedication to democratizing information doesn’t stop at with the technology. The company has a unique licensing model that isn’t based on the number of users, meaning no organization is punished for driving adoption of analytics.

At Beyond 2019, ThoughtSpot showed it is continuing to capitalize on its position in the market and introduce even more advanced capabilities focused on empowering end users from every corner of an organization to be more data-driven

While there are too many new features to address in this blog, here are a few enhancements which continue to transition the use of data and analytics from the few and toward the many.  

  • OnBoarding. ThoughtSpot has now created an onboarding capability which will help guide and accelerate new users in using the platform by recommending data and visuals based on answers to some basic questions.

  • Networking. ThoughtSpot is bringing the ability to “network” among users or topics, allowing users to follow and monitor answers, pinboards, and similar users within an organization.

This approach is making organizations which utilize ThoughtSpot a power-house of data driving users which translates to becoming a differentiator in the market.

Many may not consider these new capabilities an “analytics enhancement”, and to a degree, they’re correct. This is another example of the out of the box thinking by ThoughtSpot as they continue their journey to simplify analytics for all.

As member of the Pandata Group, which is a partner of ThoughtSpot, we are extremely excited to work with organizations to help them join in on the self-service and AI for all journey with ThoughtSpot. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings as we transform the data world together!