Are you a data power user? 3 reasons to join a ThoughtSpot User Group

Are you a ThoughtSpot enthusiast? Maybe you built a liveboard that saved your department hours each work week, or perhaps you figured out a unique way to gamify adoption across your team. You put in the hard work, now it’s time to show it off.

ThoughtSpot User Groups were designed to help users connect—a place where you can share stories and get new ideas to empower your organization with data. Because our User Groups are led by ThoughtSpot users, you have the opportunity to build genuine connections built on a foundation of knowledge sharing. 

1. Connect with other users and grow your network

ThoughtSpot User Groups bring together like-minded individuals who share a common interest in a product. Joining provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with peers in your community, industry, or field.

Meeting others in similar roles can provide invaluable perspective, as Matt Marcel, a member of the New York User Group, accounted after attending an event:

“Traveled up from DC to NYC for my first ever ThoughtSpot user group. It was a phenomenal experience—to learn about upcoming releases in the tool, gain unique approaches to increase user adoption, and engage with users outside my company to see how they utilize the tool. The user group provided an excellent perspective during the ThoughtSpot soft launch at my company” Matt Marcel, Business Intelligence Lead at MiQ

2. Expand your knowledge and learn from your peers 

These groups are knowledge-sharing hubs where members exchange best practices, new approaches, and practical insights. When we say these groups are built by members for members, this is what we mean: Members vote on what topics are presented, start group discussions on specific challenges, and share success stories so others can benefit. As a member, you also gain access to a wealth of information, tips, and tricks built to enhance your ThoughtSpot user experience. 

“I’ve really enjoyed the New York user group because it’s allowed me to connect with users in different industries and see how they are implementing or hope to implement ThoughtSpot. The most beneficial thing for me is learning about user engagement practices. This has helped me as we have rolled out ThoughtSpot to our organization over the last year and gives me ideas as we continue to scale our usage.” Brayden Schut, Senior Manager, Data Analytics at Unite Us

3. Show off your leadership skills

Active involvement in a user group not only grows your industry credibility and ThoughtSpot expertise—it also nurtures your leadership skills. User groups offer you the chance to lead outside of your organization. Steering discussions, organizing events, and guiding fellow users allows you to showcase your dedication while also cultivating valuable leadership qualities.

Joining or even leading a user group chapter is a great opportunity to grow your network, build a professional brand, and gain leadership skills according to Jimish Kadakia, who leads the New Jersey User Group chapter: 

“Guiding the ThoughtSpot chapter is akin to navigating a comprehensive database; the essence lies not only in managing information but in extracting profound insights. As the SpotLeader, my responsibilities encompass processing diverse perspectives, optimizing connections, and ensuring the smooth flow of ideas. In this data-driven voyage, leadership entails converting information into actionable strategies, harnessing the raw potential for impactful results, and charting our chapter's course towards a future marked by informed decisions and strategic excellence.” Jimish Kadakia, Senior Consultant - Global Data & Analytics at Slalom

How to join or start a ThoughtSpot User Group

If you are an analyst, engineer, developer, data leader, or any other type of ThoughtSpot user passionate about data and analytics, we invite you to start, lead, or join a ThoughtSpot user group, wherever you’re located. 

If you’re just getting started with ThoughtSpot, don’t worry. Our leaders come to the Community with all levels of experience. This program is specially designed to empower ThoughtSpot users on their leadership journey. Other perks include complimentary ThoughtSpot certifications, discounted passes to our annual Beyond conference, direct access to our ThoughtSpot community team, swag, and more.

Are you ready to join a group in your area, or to start a new User Group? Find more information about ThoughtSpot User Groups and apply here.