How We Power Search-Driven Analytics with Informatica founder | ThoughtSpot

Our VP of Marketing, Scott Holden, and Principal Engineer and Co-founder, Vijay Ganesan, recently joined Tamara Striffler, Director of Product Marketing at Informatica Cloud, for a webinar panel on how companies can power search-driven analytics with Informatica and ThoughtSpot.

You might remember that we announced this partnership back in March after our selection as a Data Mania Connect-a-Thon winner. It’s pretty cool to team up with a vendor that also champions data access for everyone - we’ve taken a similar approach from two different ends of the BI spectrum. Here’s a quick summary of the two pieces of the puzzle.

Unlocking data sources with Informatica

Informatica helps make your data more usable. The company's “Citizen Integrator” unlocks data from all sources: users can import and mashup existing data into a central place for analysis without relying on IT. You can even refine the type and amount of data loading on-the-fly for a more iterative workflow. This makes it easy for any non-technical users to pull data from any source, clean the data, and load it into targets like ThoughtSpot. 

Introducing instant analytics with ThoughtSpot

Once the data is unlocked and imported, ThoughtSpot’s Analytical Search Appliance can give anyone the power to gather instant insights from that data. Here’s the thing: most BI products were designed for the technically-trained. This translates to an adoption rate of 22% despite the roughly $70 billion spent on BI software and services each year. The best way to boost adoption stats is to lower the bar for using these technologies. Everyone knows how to search.

Bringing user-friendly BI to everyone

While we have security and sharing guardrails built in so IT teams can rest easy, search-driven analytics removes most of the IT-middleman work. We built the ThoughtSpot Connector for Informatica Cloud because we wanted to empower any human with a simple, intuitive interface for pulling together data sources, asking questions, and extracting answers from a sea of numbers. 

The last few decades have brought a shift in the way we gather and analyze data. Traditional solutions require constant IT handholding, provide only static intelligence, and represent a “hindsight” approach to analytics based on predefined data sources largely locked away in spreadsheets.

We’re finally moving towards next-generation data discovery with the ability to address complex questions at speed and collaborate in real-time. ThoughtSpot and Informatica put the power into each employee’s hand, reducing time-to-value for end users while freeing up valuable time for BI leaders.

Check out the link below to watch the full webinar.