Bain Leaders to Keynote at ThoughtSpot’s Thought.Leaders London and Frankfurt

The analytics space is one of the fastest moving, most innovative fields in technology. And for good reason. Insight-driven businesses, where data and technology inform decision making on all levels, are growing 20-30% each year. Put another way, that’s 8 times faster than the global economy at large.

While new technology plays a key role in organizations adopting insight-driven practices, at ThoughtSpot, we firmly believe that’s only one piece of the equation. Often, enterprises fail at the process, cultural, and skills changes required for true transformation.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Bharat Bansal, partner at Bain, London, and Dr. Florian Mueller from Bain, Munich as our two keynote speakers at our upcoming Thought.Leaders events in London and Frankfurt, respectively. Both are experts in empowering enterprises to adopt and leverage cutting edge technology.

Mr. Bansal has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting. As a leader of the Bain Financial Services practice, Mr. Bansal has worked with global financial services firm on implementing new data strategies to improve operations, identify business opportunities, and drive growth. Attendees at Thought.Leaders London will benefit from his expertise on a range of topics, including digital and technology transformation, data strategy and infrastructure, operations transformation, and corporate and business unit strategy.

Dr. Mueller leads Bain & Company's Advanced Analytics practice in EMEA, and will share how enterprises can leverage cutting edge analytics technologies across their organization to generate value. He’ll tap into his more than 15 years experience in management consulting, to share actionable best practices to attendees at Thought.Leaders Frankfurt.

You can find more information on our great speakers and reserve your seat for Thought.Leaders London here and for Thought.Leaders Frankfurt here.