Diyotta offers a unified data integration platform designed to connect businesses to more data fast. It offers ingestion, transformation and data movement within any modern cloud data warehousing environment.

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Data Integration Suite (or Diyotta 4.0)
All Industries
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  • Point to point data movement
  • Serverless data processing with pushdown architecture
  • Elastic scalability for complex and modern data ecosystems
  • Enterprise and developer friendly features


  • Ease of use with a drag-and-drop user interface that makes building secure data pipelines a breeze
  • Fast deployment with a browser-based, modular architecture that quickly connects to any data source in any location
  • Enterprise scalability with features that make it easy to expand your data environment and migrate to new platforms
  • Single & unified architecture

How it Works

Diyotta’s central controller and remote agents, installed at data sources, quickly collect, secure, and move data between cloud and on-premises systems. Additionally, 150+ native connectors allow you to easily capture data from internal and external source systems.