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“It’s real time, self-service, and in the hands of every engineer. We’re all looking at the data consistently through the same lens rather than manipulating it in PowerPoint or
a spreadsheet.”
Sunny BediCIO and CDO

“ThoughtSpot Cloud is a game changer. Whatever data my team loads into Snowflake becomes instantly available in ThoughtSpot.”
Juergen KallingerHead of Data & Business Management

“The ROI has been immediate. Data questions that would have been a week-long event for a full time employee, can now be answered in minutes on ThoughtSpot.”
Matthew DayCIO

“I first saw ThoughtSpot. My response was, Oh my gosh, that's, that's amazing. That could do so much for us.”
Elinor PennyLead Business Intelligence Specialist

“If you know how to use Google, you know how to use ThoughtSpot. Also, as ThoughtSpot doesn’t require IT intervention - just business analysts to do the configuration - it was a perfect fit for us.”
Ahmad MosaCTO

“The benefit we have realized is the ease of use to leverage ThoughtSpot with Snowflake to quickly get answers related to account savings for our clients and quickly identifying CRE space and lease opportunities across our portfolio.”
Tawanna ArmstrongVP, Global Sr. BI Platform Owner
“ThoughtSpot enabled the product manager to build the screens and displays without having to use a developer. This no-code capability is both cost effective and helps position us to generate revenue sooner because of the shortened development cycle. This means we can bring the solution to clients more quickly. So much so that we are launching nearly 18 months ahead of schedule!!”
Chris DearieDeputy CEO

“Before ThoughtSpot, we didn’t have a simple way to leverage the data in our central cloud data repository. Now our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover and more with the scale and speed we need.”
Vivek MalhotraSr. Manager Customer Development Analytics
“ThoughtSpot has been revolutionary in day-to-day reporting and analytic needs...it allows for ease of use and access to the most granular information. That enables quicker decision making, as well as needed customization for end-users.”
Iaroslav BoutorinAVP Replenishment

“The ability to see how things are changing, the way consumers are interacting with our products, has been key. And ThoughtSpot has allowed us to take those insights and action them with speed.”
Matt O’BrianCommercial Development Manager

“ThoughtSpot allows us to do in one day what took
us two years using another product.”
Marcos PeraltaSenior VP Mastercard Data and Services
“It's easy to get started, because ThoughtSpot can handle such large quantities of data since it is so performant and easy to use. It can really help our marketers find new segments of customers that they didn't really know existed or explore their different segments of customers. So they'll be able to send more targeting marketing content, which benefits us, but then also our customers, who are receiving more relevant content.”
Rachel KozloskiProduct Owner of Self-Service Reporting

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